Kid’s Secret to stand a chance against Shanks!


The Kid and Shanks situation parallels the Law and Blackbeard situation. Now why is that important. I found something interesting. Law learnt something from his battle against the Yonko which is that strong Haki can nullify devil fruit ability which is the reason why he couldn’t move Big Mom or Kaido during the rooftop battle.


However for some reason this doesn’t make sense as in this scene Captain Kid clearly uses his devil fruit ability on Big Mom which is his Awakening and assigns magnetic properties to whatever he touches.

But isn’t Big Mom passive Haki so strong that even Law couldn’t move her. This made me come to the conclusion that Haki cannot nullify awakened devil fruit abilities.

Kid is now fighting the Haki master Shanks. Everyone assumes Shanks is gonna walk through however I don’t think so. What would happen if Kid assigned a magnetic field to Shanks and the ground he could slam Shanks into the ground constraining him like Fujitora’s ability. What if Kid assigned the same magnetic field to himself and Shanks like like poles in a magnet? Shanks wouldn’t be able to get close to him without the repulsive force taking place allowing Kid to use long range attacks.


Another question: can Kid assign a magnetic property to water like the ocean and another object an throw the object at the enemy creating tsunami. I feel like there are lots of possibilities Oda can take with Kid and his ability.

*by ComfortableGene170

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