Current Status of all Recent Events


Here is a comprehensive overview of current One Piece events. I think it is hard (almost impossible) to keep in mind all threads Oda is currently pulling together, hence I came with this post

Without further do, let’s begin with Blackbeard

I. Blackbeard & Fullalead Island

Blackbeard seems to be the focus point for the next saga.

Blackbeard is all out. He just attacked Hancock on her island and captured Koby. As a reminder, Aokiji (probably SWORD double agent tbh) has joined BB and Moriah was offered to join as well.


Blackbeard then ambushes Law at sea, right after our surgeon left Wano (and defeated an emperor by the way)

The Hero Garp is on its way to Fullalead Island, to save Captain Koby


Among many prisoners, Blackbeard also jails Pudding. At the end of Wano, Morgans teased something regarding BigMom pirates on the move (they attacked Guernica). Maybe BM crew will set sail to Fullalead to save the little sister?


II. Individuals on their move

We can’t forget about these big figures moving forward

Boa is facing a hard truth, she can’t stay on Amazon Lilly, for the Marines would attack without rest. She will probably set sail but where ?

The Cross Guild is now a structured organization. What will they do ? Assemble the remaining Shichibukai (Weevil?)

Miss Buckin blames Marco for letting Weevil being capture by Aramaki. She certainly will make a move to see her beloved son again !

Kaido & Big Mom have been thrown away with the volcanic eruption at the end of Wano. Are they dead ? Why Big Mom crew was seen around Wano after the end of the fight ?

Kid’s Secret to stand a chance against Shanks!

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