Zoro Vs Killer Fight Explained!


People say “Wow, Zoro one shotted a Supernova”, well yes that is true, but it’s way more complicated than that.


At the start of the fight Zoro doesn’t have Shusui, which gives Zoro a disadvantage. He is easily fighting the warrior monk Gyukimaru with no trouble.

Also you must remember that Killer (Kamazo) doesn’t have his signature weapons. Imagine if Zoro just started using two random swords that he just picked up obviously it would be a big disadvantage. And Killer seems to have lost a lot of Willpower. In One Piece the more Will you have the more damage you can take. Killer has lost a crazy amount of will before the battle which you NEED to take into account.


Once Killer appears he doesn’t realize that Zorojuro is Zoro, so he is already underestimating Zoro, giving Zoro an advantage.


They start fighting while Gyukimaru attacks Zoro from behind. Killer is dodging all Zoro’s attacks.

Here is the thing to remember: Killer hit Zoro, he expected that to kill him because that was a pretty dangerous attack. There was no poison in this attack by the way. Killer wasn’t expecting for Zoro to grab his weapon because how could a random samurai take that attack.

Zoro uses Killer’s weapon against him leaving Killer with only one weapon to defend himself. Killer gets one shoted by Zoro while he only had one of his not signature weapons in hand. And Killer didn’t have the Willpower to keep going anyway.

After that Zoro passes out from one attack from Killer. So Killer technically one shoted Zoro too. That is SUPER impressive considering that Zoro can take insane damage.

I’d say Zoro won the fight, but it was a lot closer to a tie than anything else. They both took one big hit and passed right after. Neither had their weapons of choice: Zoro missing a sword as well as fighting 2 strong opponets at the same time and Killer not having his rotating blades as well as being covered in bandages.

*Theory by GoldenMenSquad

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