Zoro vs Kyoshiro & Sanji vs X Drake


The Straw Hat Pirates begin causing chaos at Rasetsu Town.


Orochi is furious to see someone stand out and save Toko. He shouts and orders his retainers to kill anyone who dares to interfere with the execution.

Zoro throws Toko to Sanji to let him protect her and uses his Nitoryu: 720 Pound Cannon as an attempt to slash Orochi but he’s stopped by Kyoshiro.


After seeing Zoro’s attack, Orochi drops his stance. At this moment he knew he would die if that attack hit him. But just as the attack was about to hit him, Kyoshiro blocks it in midair.


As Kyoshiro appears, we see 2 panels side to side of him and Komurasaki/Hiyori looking at each other. I think that Kyoshiro is Denjiro or someone else but an ally and not enemy.

In the meantime, a dinosaur-like monster opens his big mouth in front of Sanji and Toko. That dinosaur is Drake of course.

As Sanji fends off X Drake, his leg is depicted particularly black (Armament Haki?).

The other Straw Hats join the chaotic fight as well. Franky shields Zoro from the bullets and retrieves Yasuie’s dead body.

Zoro continues his fight against Kyoshiro. He seems to be able to keep up with Zoro’s Nitoryu with just 1 sword, which is quite impressive!

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