Law was way stronger than you think in Dressrosa!


During the raid on Onigashima, Law has achieved Devil Fruit Awakening, allowing him to create and adhere a miniature room to his weapons, which then gain the ability to harmlessly bypass anything solid and directly operate on the insides of whatever they may phase through. This directly addresses one of the fruit’s biggest weaknesses, which is the stationary nature of its field of range.


In Chapter 1039 Law uses an ultimate attack that greatly injures Big Mom and creates a large hole in Onigashima as well as a large crater near the Flower Capital.

Some people now think Law got buffed up a lot in his fight against Big Mom because of his showing against Doflamingo. But they remove all context from it, such as:

• Law’s mental state was terrible given personal history. This was shown to be extremely important, enough so that it’s been featured multiple times including when Nami mentioned it explicitly when Iceberg asked her if they were really going after CP9 after getting destroyed, and she replied that the only reason that happened is because they were confused and upset regarding Robin. Not being right mentally is devastating in One Piece, especially for someone like Law who is cold and calculating.


• Most anime show Anger as a power up but it really doesn’t work like that. Luffy hasn’t won against any villain who was stronger than him before because he was angry but due to his Willpower. The same thing could have happened with Carrot in her fight against Perospero and Ace against Blackbeard. A Great Example is when in Gintama, Gintoki the Mc fought against someone he thought had killed his mother figure and got destroyed but when he fought again with a calm mind, he Won.


• Law also hadn’t come to Dressrosa with the intention to fight Doflamingo. He wasn’t in the slightest prepared to go against Doffy and Fujitora, an ADMIRAL (Someone who could have then defeated Doffy, Law and Luffy alone) at the same time. Even the second time, Doflamingo was being helped by Trebol.

• If that fight had happened in a vacuum where it’s just Law vs Doflamingo with no emotional trauma surrounding Corazon, Law does much better and could even win. At the very least, we know his Haki isn’t much weaker than Doflamingo’s because he moved him with Shambles, and Law stated on the rooftop that he can only use aspects of his ability when his Haki is superior which is why he couldn’t teleport the Yonkos around. It may also have worked against Doflamingo because he wasn’t prepared for it since he thought that Law was down.

Most of the Law downplay I have seen after his recent fight were not talking all this into account. He’s always been Luffy’s rival, and that’s always been shown by Oda. Him & Kid are gonna be the closest to Luffy in the Endgame whether you like it or not.

People think he got buffed up a lot in his fight against Big Mom when that’s not completely True. Just like how Luffy went from getting one-shot to going toe-toe with Kaido in only 2 weeks by training, Law also trained off-screen and got stronger. Of course it would have been great to see some of his training but Oda mostly didn’t have the time to show it.

Another thing is that Law truly shines in a team battle but that doesn’t mean he can’t take down a opponent 1v1. I won’t deny the fact that his growth is much harder to digest compared to Luffy’s and he did get a plot boost but you just gotta accept the fact that Oda cares more about the narrative rather than power scaling and Law & Kid will always be the closest to Luffy since they are his main rivals. It’s not Big Mom’s that’s weak, Kid & Law are just that strong.

*by shadow_ALEX_369

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