Explaining a possible Awakening for all Logia users.


With Katakuri being an Awakened user and doing the same thing as Doflamingo, you have to wonder if surroundings manipulation is what all Awakening users can do.

It’s possible but it would be extremely weird for Zoan users. Plus we have already seen Awakened Zoans inside Impel Down and there is a lot of reason to believe that Choppers Monster Point is his Awakening.

So going by what I have I’m assuming that all Paramecia gain access to their surroundings and all Zoans become ultra versions of themselves. I’ve seen speculation and theory that Logia users can change their surrounings too as Awakening but if Zoans are different than Logias should be expected to be different as well.

Awakening seems to amplify the users given abilities for maximum affect. I also believe that Awakening isn’t different for every DF and that they should all be the same depending on what category they are in. For example, Crackers Awakening should be to turn his surroundings into biscuit because mastering the devil inside you should let you project its substance to the world, at least for Paramecias. For him to have a different Awakening is to say that all DFs aren’t created the same and they can follow their own rules, there is no structure in thinking like that and it wouldn’t be fair for them to have different potentials. Paramecias, Zoans, and Logias all have the same Awakenings depending on which of the three categories.

There are people like Robin and Brook that question this logic but they seem to be in a totally different category of Paramecia to begin with. Maybe there is a subset for miscellaneous Fruits?


The Paramecia we have seen are able to produce a lot more of their substance at a greater rate and the Zoans base stats are multiplied as far as we can see. What is one thing that makes Logias different from Paramecias and Zoans and at the same time all of them, no matter their power have access to it? The intangibility. I believe that a Logias Awakening has something to do with the intangibility.

Intangibility allows the user to bypass attacks because the element they became won’t realisticly take damage from attacks. For a user to become Intangible they just activate their powers and transform into whatever substance, making Haki or a natural weakness necessary to touch their real bodies. To be normal and to be a substance whenever you want is to constantly change the structure of your body; meaning a Logia can change their cells to be either the fruits substance or to be normal.

Logias Awakening is cell regeneration, they can already manipulate their cells and now they can regenerate them in the same way that they can generate their substance. To Awaken is to master the mechanics of the Fruit and apply them to what the Fruit could not at first. For Paramecias they can affect the world like the Fruit affects their bodies, Zoans can become ‘true’ versions of the DF, and Logias can take the cell manipulation given to them immediately to a higher stage. Instead of producing the substance they can produce new cells, affectively healing themselves.

It also seems like Awakening is the inverse of what you could originally do.

Back in Marineford, Akainu seemed unharmed by attacks from known Haki users. People speculate that his Haki was greater so he nullified the opponents Haki. I used to think that the amount of Haki used wasn’t enough to hurt him because Marco and Vista clearly didn’t use enough for the Haki to become colored and the Admirals durability is far above light Haki attacks. My thought was that Oda wasn’t ready to introduce denser Haki into the plot yet.

Cell regeneration makes perfect since as to why he seemed undamaged. He was hurt and he had to use Awakening to reduce the damage. This would also justify Vistas and Marcos attacks because they are seen by some as far below Akainu for not being able to damage him at all and it’s one of those situations that make power scaling hard. If I am right then they did do damage and he activated his Awakening to heal.

You can also see the Red Dogs irritation, if he was unfazed than he wouldn’t have been like that. It’s more so that he is upset that he has to use Awakening, perhaps it takes stamina?


I am left wondering if healing takes stamina and to what extent can it be done because Akainu has scars, assuming he is Awakened at the time of his fight with Aokiji. Cell regeneration could fit into what a Logia can do and it does explain him being fine after direct hits from Vista and especially Marco.

•Paramecias, Zoans, and Logias have the same Awakening for their categories
•Logia Awakening is to heal by repairing damage in the same way a user produces a substance.

*Theory by AnonymousStrawHat

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