I think when a pirate attains the Yonko position, the last bounty they had is frozen and their wanted posters changed. Now, you may wonder what they change into.
First, when a pirate becomes a Yonko, the World Government can no longer treat them as a normal pirate and just judge them by their power alone. I think the World Government takes into consideration the number and power of their allies. Due to this reason, i think their bounty is frozen and their wanted posters changes in a number of ways. How does it change?
1. From Wanted to Most Wanted
2. Alive or Dead changes to Only Dead
3. Their previous bounty is frozen
4. The World Government gives each Yonko a threat level. What do i mean? The World Government assesses the Yonko’s crew and allies strength with their own strength and determine a hypothesis that if they were to fight the yonko with their full military might, what would be the odds of success and the cost of it.

I will try to explain further on the threat levels and how they work:
1. What are the threat levels: Since Yonkos are probably always 4, They are given threat levels on how tough it would be for the World Government to fight their full military strength. The toughest Yonko that would cost the Marines high casualties even when they win would be given Alpha threat level. The second toughest would be given Beta threat level and the third toughest would be given Omega threat level and the fourth toughest would be given Sigma threat level.
Note: This bounties would be different than the others since any Yonko’s threat level can be changed at anytime. e.g if any Yonko becomes stronger in terms of crew increase and increase in number of strong allies may surpass another Yonko in terms of toughness thus their threat level may be increased and the Yonko that has been surpassed, his/her threat level is reduced.

Now i will speculate on the current Yonko’s Bounties:
Most wanted
“Hundred Beast” Kaido
Only Dead
2.53 Billion Beli (Frozen)

Most wanted
“Red haired” Shanks
Only Dead
2.37 Billion Beli (Frozen)

Most wanted
Big Mom
Only Dead
2.08 Billion Beli (Frozen)

Most wanted
Only Dead
1.94 Billion Beli (Frozen)

* Big Mom’s threat level might be reduced to sigma by the end of Whole Cake Island arc if the Government learns of Straw Hats exploits in Big Mom’s territory.

I would love to hear your thoughts.

*Theory by Misle D Dawn


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