Luffy is going to have a lot of Allies in the Final War vs World Government


I’m referring to the implied final battle between Luffy and the World Government. The Great Ancient Kingdom vs The 20 Kingdoms. Where Luffy exposes the World Government for their crimes and whatnot, and wages war.


I just don’t see how the World Government will stand a chance, given that Whitebeard and his allies alone were pretty tough. And the fact that Luffy and his crew are getting stronger at a crazy rate despite having sailed for so little.

In the future, I suspect the following people/groups/nations that we currently know of to be temporary allies or members of Luffy’s fleet in this battle:


-Current Straw Hat Grand Fleet (Beautiful Pirates, Barto Club, Happo Navy, Ideo Pirates, Tonta Corps, New Giant Warrior Pirates, Yonta Maria Grand Fleet)
-Remnant Whitebeard Pirates and their allies
-Red Hair Pirates and their allies
-Warriors of Elbaf
-Kuja Pirates
-Katakuri and friends
-Dracule Mihawk
-Crocodile and friends
-Fishman Island
-Sun Pirates
-Water 7 Allies
-Skypiean Allies
-The 11 Supernovas and all of their crews
-Revolutionary Army
-Buggy and friends
-Germa 66
-Rayleigh and remnant Roger Pirates
-SWORD members X- Drake and Koby. Plus, Garp and possibly Aokiji, Sengoku, Smoker and Fujitora.


To quote Mihawk, “It’s not a Devil Fruit, or some cheap trick… One by one, he turns the people around him into his allies. More than anyone else sailing the seas… That man possesses the most terrifying power.”

And some of you might be wondering why I added guys like Fujitora, Smoker, etc. These guys, although Marines, have a strong moral compass. They’re not heartless, and they’ve even shown compassion and understanding towards the Straw Hats. They are personally aware of the corruption and stuff going on in the Marines/World Government and despise it. Once Luffy reveals the Ancient History/Void Century and finds the One Piece, I feel that it’ll be the last straw for them and they’ll turn against the World Government.

*Theory by Lancadin

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