Luffy’s Dream in light of the Recent Revelation


Chapter 1073 revealed something huge to us in the name of one of the Five Elders as “Saint Jay Garcia Saturn “.


Following this naming formula we can assume that the other 4 are named “Mercury”, “Venus”, “Mars” and “Jupiter”. With Uranus Poseidon and Pluton already taken for the Ancient Weapons.

So what is Im-Sama? The king of the world?

Well he/she is obviously “the world” aka “Terra”.

Why? Way back when we saw the library of Ohara we saw a model of the One Piece globe with its celestial bodies:


So we got 6 of them and in my opinion those are the Moon and the planets of the Five Elders.

As in real life the closest Planets to the Earth are these five with the other 3 Planets discovered way later.

I think this globe is two things:

1: The sign of an outdated geocentric worldview.

2: Symbolic for the characters involved.

The 5 Planets and Elder Stars revolve around Imu who is literally the world as he controls it.

With the 3 other Planets nowhere to be found or “hidden” just like the Ancient Weapons.


Keep in mind that the World Goverment is hugely oppressive and restricts knowledge about the world even punishable by death?

Sounds familiar? The Church in medieval times was no different. They also promoted a geocentric worldview and hunted and punished those opposed to it even the researchers with proof (just like maybe the Ohara scholars).

From here we come to Luffy’s true dream. Well, there are two celestial bodies left: the Moon and the Sun.

The Sun is obviously Luffy as he is “Sun God Nika”. What’s interesting is that Luffy would be the one who is actually in the center of the universe as the sun.

So once Luffy finds the One Piece and crushes the World Goverment and the world is finally free, the true world view will come to light and the people will see that the sun is in the center and its symbol the pirate king Luffy would be at the center of their world.

They would now have a Heliocentric world view.

So I think the hidden dream of Luffy has to tie into it somehow but in a lighthearted way something funny Luffy would say. I think Luffy’s hidden dream is: “I want the world to revolve around me”.

Which is something incredibly stupid but also lighthearted a kid would say. Luffy doesn’t want to be a hero he doesn’t want to share the meat he wants it all but doesn’t want oppress and hurt either he just wants to be in the center and everyone to know him.

Just like the sun it’s just in the center doing good and enabling life without even trying just by being there. Just like Luffy who does good stuff all the time not because he wants but because he is there.

I also have some additional evidence that i think supports this: Roger wanted to “turn the world upside down” well what turns the world more upside down than to literally change the view of the world and universe?

He also waited for someone to come: Luffy as the sun is this someone who literally and symbolically can achieve this.

And who is Roger not waiting for? Well Whitebeard said it’s Blackbeard who suspiciously was seen crying as a child with the moon visible.

Well the Moon was still missing in my theory so obviously the moon is Blackbeard.

Direct opponent to the “Sun” and clearly Luffy’s biggest Rival and enemy. A total opposite as shown in his introduction.

Blackbeard also wants the world to resolve around him but in a bad way. He wants to stand on top and rule just like Imu sama.

But he is shown crying as foreshadowing that he isn’t the one to achieve that. Just like Whitebeard said.

As the moon literally isn’t capable of being in the center of the Universe and if there was a worldview with it that way it would be wrong just like the current one in the One Piece world. With Blackbeard also clinging to power and hunting down his opponents to keep it that way.

Unlike Luffy who would not do that because he would just be where he belongs and where the sun just naturally is, passively bringing life to everyone without opression.

My last evidence is the famous quote from Mihawk about Luffy:

Luffy posesses the ability to turn those around him into allies. People want to help him.

You could even say people “gravitate towards him” just by the way he naturally is.

He isn’t trying to win allies outside of his crew he just does.

Just like the planets in our system revolve and gravitate towards the sun.

With one exception: the moon.

The moon revolves around the Earth and not (directly) around the sun. This leads me to believe that by the end of One Piece when the time has come to form a new world view Blackbeard and Luffy will fight (well obiously duh) as Blackbeard is the only one who will never revolve around the sun, but will lose to Luffy because of all his allies that the sun has but the moon has not.

With Luffy then realising his childish dream of “the world revolving around me” and Blackbeard’s dream shattered as he just doesn’t belong there, he isn’t the one Roger was waiting for, not the liberator of slaves and well not the sun god Nika.

*Theory by TheBazry

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