Luffy’s new huge Power-up already hinted in the recent chapters


So I’ve been thinking about Luffy’s new power-up a lot recently. More then ever recently after the latest chapters.


I tried looking into the older chapters before Luffy’s new powers were revealed. And I noticed that Oda kinda hints towards these power-ups.

For example with Gear 2. We knew that Luffy had a huge disadvantage to CP9 because of speed. CP9 was using Soru and were really fast.

Or before Gear 4. We were introduced again to Bellamy and saw him using his devil fruit/ the springs which again were hints to Luffy using springs like canons with Armament Haki to increase his power.


So in Wano especially in Udon prison where Oda mentioned Rayleigh again regarding the use of Advanced Armament Haki I was thinking about how it could end up as a huge power-up for Luffy besides just using Advanced Armament to deal internal damage to Kaido.


They mentioned a lot the flow of Haki and how its fundamental to Advanced Armament Haki. So I had the idea that Luffy could master the flow of Haki so that he could absorb damage/shocks/energy from Attacks with his rubber and conceal or redirect it so that his attacks would be way more powerful then before. Cuz the thing is that Luffy lacks a lot of power to even scratch Yonkos like Kaido and Big Mom and the idea that Luffy just had to deal internal damage with Advanced Armament through interrupting the Haki of his opponent sounds pretty boring. At least to me.

Now in regards to how Luffy could gain or use this power and in which form. It could be everything. It could be like a higher Gear or a reversed Gear (because he is reversing the direction of energy) or a new Gear 4 form (like a rubber ball, I dunno sounds stupid) or even Devil Fruit Awakening. It could be anything.

*Theory by GreEmin

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