Marco is the one who will fight King in Wano


I think Marco is coming in Wano with Nekomamushi. There is so much build up of almost 100 chapters for him not to come. Chapter 909 is nothing but a red herring, it’s a common trope.


What else we know?

  • The raid against the 2 Yonkos will definitely fail. Just like how wedding crash failed at the end and Big Mom Pirates were about to start executing the alliance only for the Tamatebako explosion to save them (which was built up since Fishman Island)
  • Thus there is NO WAY Nekomamushi will come empty handed because he won’t change anything that is the raid failure. Marco is a force to be reckoned within a war against 2 Yonkos.
  • Shichibukai’s hunt is something many people ignore. It’s been stated multiple times thatthe Marines can not intervene in Wano because they are very busy with hunting the Shichibukai . Weevil is now busy with the Marines.
  • After Marco acknowledges this fact and also the fact that 2 Yonkos are after Luffy’s head, do you think he really decides to stay there? Remember Whitebeard’s last orders was to protect Luffy.

Now we can move on to the main topic. I think that Marco will come and fight King the Wildfire.


  • First, because Marco is not going to fight the Yonkos. Kaido is Luffy-Kid-Law’s business.
  • This leaves King as the perfect fight for him as he is the strongest opponent in Wano after the 2 Yonkos.
  • King has large wings that enhances his fighting style and a bird zoan devil fruit… hmmm

*Theory by SkySky0

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