Mindblowing Implications behind King’s Real Name!


In Chapter 1035 we discover that King’s real name is Alber.


The name Alber has many pronunciations
Alber- Arber -Arbel
Arbel as in Arbil or Erbil, an ancient mesopotamian city..(Iraq)

The name Erbil was mentioned in Sumerian holy writings of third millennium BC as Urbilum, Urbelum or Urbillum, which appears to originate from Hurrian Arbilum, who inhbited the area. Later, the Akkadians and Assyrians by a folk etymology rendered the name as arba’ū ilū to mean four gods.

Arbil or Erbil means four gods…
Guess what..?!
Queen referred to King’s race as Gods and so did Marco (Whitebeard’s speech bubble).

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Oda probably wants to establish the races of Moon People as 4 races; the size and shape of their wings distinguish them from each other:


1) Skypieans possess small wings that are pointed upward.

 2) Shandians (formerly known as Shandorians) possess larger wings that also point upward.

 3) Birkans possess wings that point downward.

 4) Lunarians possess big black wings. They can manipulate fire and have great durability.. Probably the race that ruled..

*by Obsidian

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