Monet’s Devil Fruit reincarnated in Nami’s orange trees on Sunny?


In Punk Hazard we got our first evidence of Devil Fruit reincarnation, we saw Smiley die and have its fruit reincarnated into a nearby Apple.


We also witnessed the death of one other Devil Fruit user, Monet, user of the Yuki Yuki no Mi. It has been a popular theory that her Yuki Yuki no Mi reincarnated into Nami’s orange trees on the Sunny. Especially since oranges are generally in season during the winter.

Additionally, when leaving Punk Hazard, there is a panel in which there are what appear to be Snow Bunnies underneath the Sunny in the waves, they look eerily like Monet’s attack.


Oda is even asked this in an SBS (Volume 71) and suspiciously avoids the question:

D: Regarding Chapter 700… Oops…! Good evening, Odacchi! Regarding Chapter 700, while Luffy and the others are on the way to Dressrosaroba, we can see animals that look like sea rabbits. What does Law like to eat other than Onigiri? P.N. Hasumomo

Oda: Well, ummm, grilled fish! Alright, next question.

Anyway, I was re-reading the series looking for info on a different theory and came across this really interesting question/answer in an SBS back in chapter 223 (emphasis mine).

D: Oda-chan! How you doin’?! (Inoki-impression) Umm, I have a question. In One Piece Volume 18, chapter 157, Luffy complains about lack of food with spirally eyes… but right behind him are Nami and her orange trees. Can’t he just eat them? They’re oranges…

Oda: Oranges… Yes, there are oranges…… However… To pick and take one bite is to taste instant death. Yes, instant death. Going a whole week without food is usually not enough to kill a human. So whether you bear through it for some greater purpose still remaining in your life, or pick an orange (death) and try your luck with the navigator’s fury… That’s a pretty big gamble… That being said, if her friends really were starving to death, I don’t think she’d be cold enough to just let them die. Brrr


A reader asks what would happen if Luffy had eaten her Oranges, Oda then proceeds to say he would instantly die after a bite obviously referring to Nami’s fury but that’s also exactly what would happen if he ate a Devil Fruit accidentally (After all, it only takes a single bite to get the power). Now the real kicker is at the end of the answer where he says “I don’t think she’d be cold enough to just let them die “Brr””

Is Oda giving a hint more than 400+ chapters before its introduction that the Yuki Yuki no Mi would end up on the Orange trees?

The answer of “instant death” if Luffy were to eat it and his emphasis on Nami being “cold” and adding “brr” seems like hes making hints about the Yuki Yuki no Mi…

*Theory by africhic

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