The D. Family is the natural enemy of the world, they are despised and hated among everyone. But the name is inherited “Secretly” among generations. But why secretly? Why are they the enemy?


So the D. Family has a lot of connections to the Ancient Kingdom, Clover talks about. The Ancient Kingdom had an enemy and that’s why they passed their information down in history on Poneglyphs the unbreakable stone. And the World Government has done everything in their power to make the Ancient Kingdom be forgotten, while the D. name is being passed down secretly.


Of course the Ancient Kingdom was the World Government’s enemy since Clover heavily implied that. (Ancient Kingdom was destroyed and World Government was established afterwards and the Ancient Kingdom obviously had an enemy). And the Ancient Kingdom was able to boast on about their great powers and every D. we meet is someone very powerful and important.

Gol D. Roger – Pirate King.

Rocks D. Xebec – Most Dangerous Pirate before the rise of Gol D. Roger.

Marshall D. Teach – Most Dangerous Pirate right now.

Monkey D. Garp – The Marines Hero.

Monkey D. Dragon – The Most Dangerous Criminal.

Monkey D. Luffy – Has The Voice Of All Things and Power to make everyone his ally.

Portgas D. Ace – Pirate King’s son. Whitebeard’s Commander.

Portgas D. Rogue – Was able to hold a baby in her for 20 months.

Jaguar D. Saul – The black sheep but a man with the biggest heart and compassion in the family.

Traflagar D. Water Law – Supernova and a Great Doctor. Has a Devil Fruit to create Immortality.

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