Monkey D. Dragon the Storm Bringer


Monkey D. Dragon. The leader of The Revolutionary Army. The Storm Bringer. The Most Wanted Man In The World.



Dragon wishes to bring down the World Government by overthrowing the World Nobles that run it due to intense hatred of their tyranny to take away people’s freedoms and even their lives for nothing other than their own interests. Dragon scorns the Celestial Dragons, treating them as below the scum of the earth. He takes the World Government’s powers extremely seriously due to their massive military power, particularly with Cipher Pol. After being informed by Sabo of the existence of Imu and the truth surrounding Lulusia Kingdom’s destruction via a government weapon, Dragon was shocked and concerned on how the government got in possession of this weapon and why it was just now beginning to be utilized.



Dragon, unlike his father and son, usually maintains a serious demeanour and at times has a confident grin. Dragon has a strong sense of justice and duty, and has taken upon himself to topple the anarchy that is the World Government. He is fearless as is the Revolutionary Army to oppose the World Government head on.

The World Government sees Dragon as the biggest threat to their existence. They call Dragon “The Most Wanted Man In The World”. This threat level he poses, is it just because he directly opposes the World Government? No. He’s got to be bloody strong for even the World Government to be afraid of him.



Dragon is a great strategist. When he came to know of the Blackbeard Pirates’ arrival in Baltigo, he immediately formulates a plan. He empties the whole place and leaves instead of engaging Blackbeard or CP-0 who would later arrive. This he did, because Blackbeard destroying Baltigo would send a message to the Government that the Revolutionary Army has been weakened, while they really haven’t. When the Government thinks that they’re temporarily free of the Revolutionary Army’s threat and let their guard down, that’s when they struck their first shot. And that was the Reverie.

Also he’s been collecting weapons as seen with the Revolutionary Army in Dressrosa. Dressrosa was a country through which Doflamingo was trading weapons with Kaido and the World Government. Now with Doffy gone, the World Government will rely more on its allied nations for weapons. If Dragon converts the allied nations to his side, not only will the World Government’s numbers fall, but their weapon supply will be limited. This is part of what Dragon has been doing in the shadows.


Remember how Law said that the D’s always bring a storm? My man Dragon has been taking it a bit too literally. Almost whenever we see Dragon, there is always a gust of wind, bad weather, a storm. What his powers are, we don’t know. A wind logia, a weather paramecia, he’s Uranus itself or he’s in possession of it, or it’s just an incredible level of Haki which influences the weather, we don’t know. We know he has superior Haki, because it’s safe to assume that he taught Sabo, the Dragon’s breath technique.


24 years ago, the Pirate King, Gol D. Roger was executed. Dragon was spotted in that execution. What was his purpose ? We don’t know. But he didn’t have his signature face tattoo. I think it was stated that the Revolutionary Army was started before Luffy was born. So I think it is possible that the Revolutionary Army was started after Roger’s execution but before Luffy’s birth. The tattoo could be the symbol of his affiliation to the Revolutionary Army.


Dragon was present in Loguetown in Chapter 100. Why? I think it is one of 2 reasons. He came for resources. They got resources from Zoro‘s village in the East Blue. So it’s not far fetched to say he could’ve gotten resources from Loguetown as well. And reason 2 is of course, he was there for Luffy. He somehow, someway came to know that Luffy would be in Loguetown, and he came to visit him. Here’s what Dragon had to say to Luffy, ”A pirate? That’s fine too“.

Too? Did Dragon have any other plan in mind for Luffy? Did he come there to recruit him into the Revolutionary Army? Did he have any other motives? We don’t know.

Dragon has constantly been in action in the shadows. The reason he gained such infamy throughout the world, was his liberation of countries under the World Government. Dragon has constantly been converting people to stand against the World Government throughout the world.

Dragon is seen to be looking at the East every time he sets sail sorta drawn by the East Blue. But he doesn’t like anyone prying into his past.


Very little is known of Dragon’s early life, other than being the son of Monkey D. Garp and born in the Goa Kingdom 55 years before the current storyline. At some point, Dragon followed in his father’s footsteps and joined the Marines but became disillusioned; with how they saw justice. This, as well as the fallout from the Ohara Incident, sparked his desire to attempt to overthrow the World Government, therefore; he is labelled the “World’s Worst Criminal“.


Throughout the entirety of the Marineford war, Akainu doesn’t call Ace, Roger’s son. But he constantly keeps calling Luffy, Dragon’s son. In such a way that it almost seemed like he hated Dragon on a personal level. He wanted to kill Luffy not just because he was a strong pirate worth 300 million, but because he was Dragon’ son.

*by letsgomina

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