A Detail You May Have Missed!


In chapter 926 we saw Usopp giving letter with secret plan to samurais who had Waning Crescent moon tattoo on ankle.


I always thought that it was due some Kozuki Family connections to the moon. Even Oden had moon mark on his clothes.

However it was another phase of the moon (Waxing Crescent), which is also attributable for Nine Scabbards’ coats or kimonos. Here all Scabbards wearing Waxing Crescent (unless Raizou)


Until Chapter 973 it was a secret, but now we know that Lady Toki have made a prophecy.


Lady Toki made a prophecy that moon would fulfill its purpose and it shall know the brilliance of the Dawn.

People who lost their belief in Kozuki Clan are afraid to get a divine punishment. They talk about an eternal night.

Only after Lady Toki’s words and that faithful night people started to believe in her words and in purpose of Kozuki Clan. Only after this episode they covered parts of their body with Waning Crescent which became a mark for Revenge.

As far as i know, Waxing Crescent is the phase which happens only after new moon. New Moon is a phase where it can’t be seen. Moon is totally disappeared from the sky, because it is located between earth and sun.

Waning Crescent is a period where people are looking for the new Dawn!

New Moon is a Dawn! (Solar Eclipse could also happen in New Moon period)

Waxing Crescent is the world which have seen a Dawn!

People who are looking for the Dawn and who believed in Toki’s words are marked with a Waning Crescent.

While Kozuki Clan are the ones who wear a sign of the freed world which have witnessed a Dawn of the World.

End of Act 5

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