The 20 Year Master Plan – The 2 Traitors Of Wano




To get this out of the way, I think there were 2 traitors involved. First one, was 20 years ago. I think Kurozumi Higurashi was the spy 20 years ago.

There was no other way she could’ve gotten close enough to Momonosuke to touch his face to change to him. If she can get close enough to touch Momonosuke, she could’ve very well gotten close to know of the Scabbards’ ambush.


The Zou Factor

  • 20 years ago, Kozuki Oden tells the Scabbards that when the time is right, they have to visit Zou, and it is he place to go. I think this is significant.
  • Kyoshiro knows of this too. So when he gets the news of the Scabbards’ return, he knows that they’re definitely going to Zou. To help Jack go to Zou, I think he gave Jack Nekomamushi/ Inuarashi’s Vivre Card. Why not Kinemon’s or Kanjuro’s or Raizo’s ? He couldn’t make Vivre Cards of them. They time-leaped before he could make it. He only has Nekomamushi, Inuarashi and Ashura Douji’s Vivre Cards. But this is all part of Denjiro’s plan.

Hiyori’s Role

  • During the alliance gathering to discuss the time and place of their attack, Hiyori was present. She learns of all the plans of the alliance and she tells Denjiro everything. Denjiro tells Orochi of these plans selectively , gaining his trust more than ever.

Komusrasaki’s ‘death’

When Komurasaki slaps Orochi, Kyoshiro slices her and ‘kills’ her. I think the slapping and the slicing was all part of the plan. Denjiro asked Hiyori to slap Orochi so that he could have resin to ‘kill’ her, thereby allowing her to finally drop the Komurasaki character, and spend time with the alliance.

If instead of getting ‘killed’, she just runs away to the alliance, Orochi is gonna have men looking for her left and right. It won’t work.

The Master Stroke

  • By gaining the trust of Orochi, he has made sure that he gains control of the entire Flower Capital, and by extension, the entirety of Wano to an extent. Now he will be able to gather all of the alliance in one place, and also make Orochi think that he’s beaten the alliance even before the rebellion. But in reality, the alliance is now stronger than ever, and Orochi won’t even know they’re coming.
  • Denjiro has been waiting for 20 years for the Scabbards to return, while protecting Hiyori and gaining an immense trust from his master along the way. He actively tried to sabotage the alliance’s plans only because he had an even more incredible plan in mind.
  • Hiyori revealed her identity to the alliance, so that they would trust her and give her all the information she needed, she gives these information to Denjiro who passes it on to Orochi, and gains immense trust.
  • Denjiro has this planned for 20 years. He is going to save the rebellion when they funnel into the flower capital as per Orochi’s plan, and then lead the rebellion to Onigashima where the war is going to take place when Orochi least expects it.

The Traitors of Wano are definitely Denjiro and Kozuki Hiyori.

*Theory by letsgomina

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