New Clues on when Shanks got his scar from Blackbeard!


There are three instances where Shanks’ eye is smartly hidden by Oda:

At Rogers execution – Chapter 0 / Strong World


When asking Buggy to join him – Chapter 434

Recruiting Yasopp – Chapter 0 / Strong World


So when did Shanks get his scar from Blackbeard? Oda gave us some new clues in the Uta’s Special 1-Page Manga.

Shanks found Uta inside a treasure box when she was only two years old. Uta’s current age is 21 and Shanks is 39 so Shanks was 20 back then and he got no scar on his left eye.


Shanks had the famous scar that Blackbeard gave him when he was chasing the World Government ship and planning to loot it and it happened 12 years ago when he was 27.

Thus proving Blackbeard gave Shanks the scars when Shanks was between age 20 to age 27.

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