Next Power-Up for Blackbeard


Recently Moria went into Blackbeard’s territory to rescue Absolom. After Moria learnt that Blackbeard had killed him and stole his Devil Fruit, Blackbeard invited Moriah to be apart of his crew.


Why didn’t Blackbeard just kill Moria?

Does he need Gecko Moria’s power for something big? We all know Marshall D. Teach is power hungry and will stop at nothing to get it.

• He killed Tatch to steal the Yami Yami No Mi.


• He infiltrated Impel Down after becoming a Warlord to free the Level 6 prisoners so he could recruit them.


• He killed Whitebeard and stole the Gura Gura No Mi.

But this time he doesn’t to get another Devil Fruit or to recruit someone. He needs something else. Blackbeard is after Kaido’s “Shadow”.

Moria can place someone’s shadow inside of someone’s living body, increasing their physical power and possibly granting them a fighting technique.
Kaido is called the “Strongest Creature in the World” and Blackbeard is the “Strongest Man in the World”
Gorosei even said that Kaido is one of the few capable of stopping Blackbeard.
One last power-up could put Blackbeard above all the Yonkos.

Blackbeard craves power and since he’s the strongest man I believe obtaining Kaido’s Shadow the strongest creature is what he is after.

Remember when Moria used “Shadow’s Asgard”

Moria absorbed 1000 shadows at once giving him a monstrous increase in both size and strength that allowed him to split his ship in half with one punch.

What do you think?

*Theory by King of beasts kaido

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