Revealed the Identities of the Flying Six


While Kaido and Orochi’s Golden Kagura party is in full swing inside the former’s fortress, the Flying Six gather to await a meeting with Kaido.


They seem very close to the All-Stars in terms of power level since they were arguing over which of them could take Queen’s place in the Beasts Pirates crew hierarchy.

Ulti, Who’s Who, Black Maria, and Sasaki are introduced for the first time.


#Sasaki is a large man who resembles a fish-man, as he possesses sharp teeth including prominent lower canine teeth. He has long, wild light hair that reaches to the middle of his back, as well as curved horns jutting upward from the front of his head, and wears a large sailor’s cap. His torso is uncovered except for a cape with flame designs on his back, and he has a prominent wing-shaped tattoo on his chest, shoulders, upper arms, and back. He wears a pair of dark pants with flame designs on the top, and a pair of geta sandals on his feet.
He appears to have a cold personality, as he discouraged both X Drake and Page One from pursuing advancement in the crew, calling the latter dead weight.


#Black Maria is an extremely large woman who may either be a giant or an abnormally large human. Her light hair is styled like a geisha’s, with two swords notably being part of its arrangement. She has a pair of long, slightly curved dark horns atop her head, wears prominent lipstick, and carries a long smoking pipe. She wears a low-cut dark top that leaves her right shoulder exposed.
She appears to have a flirtatious personality, as she coyly expressed her approval at Ulti’s short-tempered attitude.

#Who’s Who is a tall man with notably long legs. He has a large mane of wild light hair that goes down to his waist. He wears a dark mask over the top of his head down to his nose that obscures his eyes, and has two long, dark upward-curving horns protruding from the side of his head. He wears a dark jacket that exposes his bare chest, which has a large tattoo on it, and also wears dark pants and shoes. In his first appearance, he was shown smoking a cigarette.
He seems to be a blunt man who gets annoyed easily.

#Ulti is a fairly tall woman with long legs. She has long, dark hair with light streaks in it, and has a pair of horns on her head that resemble bull horns. Her eyes are very large and round with pronounced eyelashes, and she wears an embroidered mask over her mouth and nose. She wears a short, long-sleeved dress with a bow around the collar, a long dark cape with furry edges that goes down near the ground, and high-heeled shoes.
Ulti seems to have a short temper and a tendency to become annoyed easily. She regularly threatens violence against people who annoy her.

#Page One is finally shown in his human form.
In his human form during the Fire Festival at Onigashima, he is shown wearing a horned bucket hat and a mask covering his jaw area, both being symetrically bicolored. He also wears a long-sleeved shirt and a cape.

#X Drake, as we already knew, is the Captain of the Marine Secret Special Unit SWORD. He defected from his position as rear admiral to go undercover as a pirate. He currently serves as on of the six Tobiroppo.

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