Oda Foreshadowed Momonosuke’s Ultimate Form more than 700 Chapters ago!!


In chapter 959 we saw Luffy wearing a kabuto armor that he got from Hitetsu.


It was on the cover of Chapter 310 titled “Groggy Ring!!” that Luffy was seen wearing a similar (if not the exact same) armor.

If you look closely to the pattern on Luffy’s armor, you can see that it has multiple circle shaped birds on it.


This bird looks ridiculously similar to the crest of the Kozuki Family!! 


Well, Chapter 310 was released on the 16th of February, 2004. That was 15 years ago!

So Oda has been foreshadowing/giving us hints about the Kozuki Clan for 15 years!

And that’s not all. Chapter 301 also foreshadowed the dragon form of adult Momonosuke more than 700 Chapters ago!!

As we have seen in Chapter 1023, down in the Tokage Port, the Heart Pirates panic when they see what appears to be Kaido in his dragon form, but Luffy, who was standing in front of the dragon, realizes it is actually Momonosuke. While crying, Shinobu explains that she gave in to Momonosuke’s request and matured his body by twenty years.

Oda did it again!!

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