Top 5 Most Impressive Straw Hats in Onigashima!


5- Franky

Franky saved Nami at the beginning of the Raid in Chapter 988, this was his first feat of the raid.


Franky takes out a Number one chapter later.

And finally he defeats Sasaki in Chapter 1019


4- Nico Robin

Robin saved her crewmate from the Tobiroppo Black Maria in Chapter1005.


She defeated Black Maria in what is arguably the best fight in Onigashima other than rooftop fight so far.

3- Vinsmoke Sanji

Sanji saved Momonosuke from King in Chapter 988

Then he saved Chopper from Queen, deflected the arrows and knocked Perospero away in the process, saving the fodder Samurai as well in the process.

He fought Hybrid Queen 1v1 for some time (Chapters 1017-1019)

Sanji fought King and Queen briefly without the raid suit.

And now he’s fighting Queen 1v1 again.

ALL without the Raid Suit, which puts Sanji at a strong #3. No Straw Hat aside from the 2 above really touch Sanji’s feats in Onigashima so far.

The Mystery behind King’s Race and its Powers

Oda Foreshadowed Momonosuke’s Ultimate Form more than 700 Chapters ago!!