Oda has foreshadowed Sanji vs Rob Lucci Fight in Wano


Sora, Warrior of the Sea is a popular comic strip published in the World Economic Journal. The comic tells the story of the fictional Marine hero Sora, who can walk on water, and Sora’s battles against the evil armies of Germa 66. In these battles, Sora is assisted by a transforming robot and a pet seagull.


This can be seen as a parallel with Lucci and his his pet pigeon Hattori.

Furthermore Sora fights the “No. 3” member of Germa 66 that in the comic is known as Stealth Black. According to Trafalgar Law, Stealth Black’s suit and ability match Sanji’s Raid Suit.


As we know, Rob Lucci led a fleet towards Wano Country. He spoke with one of the CPO’s agents via Den Den Mushi and ordered to capture Nico Robin.


I bet Nico Robin will be very close to being captured by the Marines or CP0 (specifically Rob Lucci), and Sanji will be the one to save her.
Sanji is the most equipped to pulling a sneak operation on people who are pulling a sneak operation. Sanji has awakened his exoskeleton like his Vinsmokes siblings. That’s a big power-up on Sanji considering his big weakness is his durability. With these new upgrades (and potential future upgrades), I don’t think Sanji will be extremely hurt to the point of not being able to move, compared to Luffy and Zoro who might very well be on the doorstep to death when their fights are over.

Ultimately this can be a way for Sanji to repay Robin for saving him from Black Maria.

*by -No-One-Nepal

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