Oda’s amazing attention to details!


Recently I have read the volume 91 again and find some interesting stuff, that can make sense when you know what happened or is going to happen.

Chapter 914

Okiku is only one month in Kuri because she traveled from 20 years in the past


Reference from the thefts of food from the Heart Pirates

Otsuru did actually see Okiku using a sword (I think at least), she just doesn’t recognize her from the past


Chapter 917

Okiku recognizing the alias of Ashura Doji? / Holdem thinks it was Shutenmaru’s group the responsibles of the thieveries, when it was actually Law’s crew (although I think Shutenmaru probably stole some food of the farm too)


Oda trying to hide from Okiku that Luffy and Zoro know Inuarashi and Nekomamushi / Also, trying to hide from the reader that Okiku knows them too

Chapter 919

Okiku crying for revisiting Oden’s Castle (ruins). Remembering this happened just a few months before on her timeline

Chapter 920

Kanjurou is the only one of the samurais behind something, indicating betrayal

Kanjurou’s birds going to inform Orochi right after their time leap

Kanjurou is the only one of the 5 that is not showing his face, again, indicating betrayal

And again, Kanjurou’s face is behind something

Chapter 921

Ashura Doji clearly mentioning Oden right after his introduction as Shutenmaru

Jack telling Kaidou’s desire of having the knowledge of Ashura Doji, that supposedly, knows everything that happened on Oden’s journey (we already know that’s not the case)

Reference of the Oden’s hour long execution

Hope you have enjoyed!

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