Paramecia Classification and Possible Awakenings


This is something I’ve wanted to do for quite some time. We all know that the Paramecia class of Devil Fruits is just Oda’s way of classifying any kind of Devil Fruit that isn’t a Logia or Zoan.


So, because of that, we not only have Paramecias as the most common type of Devil Fruits, but also, by far, the most diverse. That said, even though they are very diverse, I believe we can still classify them into separate groups. Also, as an added bonus, I’ll throw in how I think these Devil Fruits could awaken.

Special Paramecia

  • Luffy – Gomu Gomu no mi
  • Katakuri – Mochi Mochi no mi

Powers: Full Body Alteration and Control

Awaken: Ability to produce and control substance of fruit from any location

To start things off, I’ll use our first confirmed classified Paramecia: The Special Paramecia. So far, Katakuri is the only confirmedSpecial Paramecia user, however, due to how the story is playing out, and what Katakuri can do with his Devil Fruit power, there has been PLENTY of speculation that Luffy also has a Special Paramecia. It only makes sense.

What I mean by “Full Body Alteration and Control” is that their bodies are literally made up of the substance of their Devil Fruit, almost like a Logia, but without the ability to become intangible. However, unlike Logias, they have full control over what their bodies do and become.

Thankfully, Katakuri has already given us an example of what Special Paramecias can do when awakened……and that’s turn the world around them into whatever their bodies are made up of.

Separation Paramecia


  • Buggy – Bara Bara no mi
  • Very Good – Beri Beri no mi

Powers: Body Separation. Control over Separated parts.

Awaken: Separation of Enviroment

This one is fairly simple……the user has the ability to separate their body into several pieces, and independently control every piece, even giving them the ability to fly in certain situations.

It would get interesting when they awaken their fruit, however, since they would separate anything within range. Given their ability to also control their separated body parts, it would stand to reason that they would also be able to control the pieces of whatever they separate………which would give Buggy one hell of a buff if he is to awaken his Devil Fruit…….he’d actually be a force to be reckoned with.

Assimilation Paramecia


  • Bon Clay – Mane Mane no mi
  • Pika – Ishi Ishi no mi

Powers: Full Body Copy of either people or substance

Awaken: Force people or environment to assimilate

This one may surprise some of you. While making this list, I was having trouble trying to classify Pika’s fruit. He isn’t a Special Paramecia, since his body is, at times, not made out of something. He’s also not a Manipulation or a Production. His body simply turns into whatever kind of stone he touches. Thankfully, though, the classification actually is in his description: assimilation! Change your body into whatever your fruit allows.

And due to that ruling……our very good friend Bon Clay also has an assimilation fruit. I was first going to have Bon Clay as a modify fruit, but since he can transform into anyone after touching them……wouldn’t it stand to reason that Bon Clay also has an assimilation fruit? Just, unlike Pika, who assimilates stone, Bon Clay assimilates people.

Beam Paramecia

  • Foxy – Noro Noro no mi
  • Boa Hancock – Mero Mero no mi

Powers: Ability to produce beams of differing effects

Awaken: Ability to use the effect of the beam in unique ways

Now we come to one of our more……unique classifications. The ability is in the classification: users can create some kind of beam (usually by making some kind of hand symbol) that affects their targets in some way. Since they are beams, they can also be reflected, and even affect their own user.

Now, I’m going to go out on a limb here, and actually say that Boa Hancock is an awakened user. The reason for this being is that she can use her fruit in so many unique ways……far more than what Foxy was capable of. Yes, this could be just because Foxy is as incompetent as they come, or he probably got his fruit recently when we first see him. That said, Foxy was still able to figure out how to use his fruit in many ways, but he couldn’t do what Boa was capable of.

Now, yes, I know, according to good ol’ Doffy, awakened users can affect the world around them. We even see this happen with both Doffy and Katakuri….the world around them changes. However, beam fruits already kind of do this. The only other way I can think of some awakening for beam fruits is the ability to produce a beam from pretty much anywhere……….which sounds kind of lame. Wouldn’t it be SO much cooler if how Boa uses her fruit is actually how beam fruits awaken? I certainly think so!

Production Paramecia

  • Nico Robin – Hana Hana no mi
  • Galdino (Mr. 3) – Doru Doru no mi
  • Hina – Ori Ori no mi
  • Doflamingo – Ito Ito no mi
  • Kalifa – Awa Awa no mi
  • Perona – Horo Horo no mi
  • Magellan – Doku Doku no mi
  • Ivankov – Horu Horu no mi
  • Blamenco – (Unnamed Hammer Fruit)
  • Kin’emon – (Unnamed Clothing Fruit)
  • Trebol – Beta Beta no mi
  • Bartolomeo – Bari Bari no mi
  • Perospero – Pero Pero no mi
  • Cracker – Bisu Bisu no mi

Powers: Unlimited production and control of substance of fruit

Awakened: Ability to produce and control substance of fruit from any location

Now we come to probably my favorite classification: production! The rules are simple; users can create a seemingly unlimited amount of whatever their fruit creates. Mind you, their bodies are not made of what their fruit produces, like Logia or Special Paramecia, but they can manipulate their substance to an even greater degree than even Logias can.

As for awakening….well, we get to see one with Mingo in Dressrosa! He turns the world around him into string, and then controls it, just like the Special Paramecia! Pretty simple.

Now, you might be wondering why I have Robin on this list. Well…’s because it’s the one list she fits onto best. She can still create multiple limbs on her own body…….what makes her unique, though, is that if she is in the same list as Doflamingo………that would mean shes an awakened user as well. However, Doffy said that awakening takes years of training to happen……and Robin basically was using her fruit the same she does now since before the age of eight. How on earth could a child, of all people, awaken a Devil Fruit.

It’s a difficult question to answer….because any answer you come up with could be argued against in some way. Even if you try and bring up the point that the concept of awakening came years after Robin’s backstory…..someone would point out the Demon Guards from Impel Down, who are apparently awakened Zoan users, came only a year or 2 after her backstory.

So, we have 2 options: Robin isn’t a Production Paramecia, and belongs in a class of her own; or, she’s just one smart cookie, and figured out how to awaken her fruit as a child. I mean, she did ace an archaeology exam……at eight years old, and is likely the only person on the planet who can read and translate Poneglyph text.

Modify Paramecia

  • Alvida – Sube Sube no mi
  • Miss Valentine – Kilo Kilo no mi
  • Mr. 5 – Bomu Bomu no mi
  • Paula (Miss Doublefinger) – Toge Toge no mi
  • Daz Bones (Mr. 1) – Supa Supa no mi
  • Bellamy – Bane Bane no mi
  • Sharinguru – Shari Shari no mi
  • Brook – Yomi Yomi no mi
  • Absalom – Suke Suke no mi
  • Capone Bege – Shiro Shiro no mi
  • Jozu – (Unnamed Diamond Fruit)
  • Urouge – (Unnamed Damge Absorbtion Fruit)
  • Baby 5 – Buki Buki no mi
  • Buffalo – Guru Guru no mi
  • Viola – Giro Giro no mi
  • Kelly Funk – Jake Jake no mi
  • Machvise – Ton Ton no mi

Powers: Modification of the body in some form that allows for different abilities

Awaken: Modify the environment or people in the same way as the body

And now for the simplest Devil Fruits out there. These fruits simply change your body in some way, shape, or form that gives you some sort of special ability.

You may notice that there are some interesting people on here, such as Brook and Bege. I will admit, for Brook, it is difficult to classify him as either a manipulation or a modify fruit. However, as I go through the list again, I come to realize that some modify fruits have manipulation aspects to them…..such as Bege’s fruit. Also, since Big Mom’s fruit clearly belongs in the manipulation list, and Brook doesn’t have nearly as much control over souls as she does… stands to reason that initially, this fruit is a modify fruit with some manipulation aspects as you train with it.

For Bege, his manipulation aspects are passive……things and people that are inside of him shrink down without his doing. He can’t control when or where things will shrink or grow, unlike an actual manipulation user.

One other person you may see on this list is Absalom……who I believe might be an awakened user. Why? Because he can turn whatever he touches invisible besides just himself. A modify fruit shouldn’t be able to do that. Look at another active modify user like Baby 5….she can only turn herself into different weapons, but never anything, anyone else. Yet….Absalom can. Though, it would make sense that he is awakened since he worked with Hogback….so, Absalom could be much, much older than we think.

Manipulation Paramecia

  • Wapol – Baku Baku no mi
  • Shu – Sabi Sabi no mi
  • Gekko Moria – Kage Kage no mi
  • Bartholomew Kuma – Nikyu Nikyu no mi
  • Jewelry Bonney – (Unnamed Age Fruit)
  • Eustass Kid – (Unnamed Magnet Fruit)
  • Trafalgar Law – Ope Ope no mi
  • Basil Hawkins – (Unnamed Voodoo Fruit)
  • Scratchman Apoo – (Unnamed Music Fruit)
  • Inazuma – Choki Choki no mi
  • Edward Newgate (Whitebeard) – Gura Gura no mi
  • Tsuru – Woshu Woshu no mi
  • Shiki – Fuwa Fuwa no mi
  • Vander Decken – Mato Mato no mi
  • Sugar – Hobi Hobi no mi
  • Issho (Fujitora) – (Unnamed Gravity Fruit)
  • Leo – Nui Nui no mi
  • Jora – Ato Ato no mi
  • Gladius – Pamu Pamu no mi
  • Senor Pink – Sui Sui no mi
  • Diamante – Hira Hira no mi
  • Kanjuro – (Unnamed Drawing Fruit)
  • Rosinante (Corazon) – Nagi Nagi no mi
  • Mansherry – Chiyu Chiyu no mi
  • Linlin (Big Mom) – Soru Soru no mi
  • Galette – (Unnamed Liquid Fruit)
  • Smoothie – (Unnamed Juicing Fruit)
  • Pudding – Memo Memo no mi
  • Daifuku – Hoya Hoya no mi
  • Oven – Netsu Netsu no mi
  • Streusen – Kuku Kuku no mi

Powers: Manipulation of different aspects of the environment

Awaken: Scale and Range of Manipulation increases drastically

Oh boy……..the most common type of paramecia, but hands down the most diverse class we have. Manipulation Paramecias are simple…..they give you control over something that cannot be created regularly. Such as souls, art, flags….you name it! Howthe users manipulate the object is somewhat unique from user to user. Some can make themselves and others transform into whatever they can manipulate, others can only make other things or people into what they control, while others can straight up just make whatever they control.

As for awakening….I’m going to use both Whitebeard and Big Mom as my examples of awakened Manipulation fruits. You honestly want to tell me that this:

is not the result of an awakened Devil Fruit? Ha! Surely, you’re joking? Now, granted, Whitebeard’s fruit is……unusually powerful for one. But even then……..come on!

So yeah. An awakened Manipulation Fruit pretty much just manipulates whatever they do manipulate a hell of a lot better with a hell of alot more power put into the manipulation….try saying that 3 times in a row.

Dimensional Paramecia

  • Blueno – Doa Doa no mi
  • Brulee – Mira Mira no mi
  • Mont d’Or – (Unnamed Book Fruit)

Powers: Control over a pocket dimension, and control over portals to said dimension

Awaken: Possible Differentiating Abilities

EDIT: Alright, so this classification used to be called the “God” classification because I couldn’t figure out where to put Brulee. Her Devil Fruit is by far the most versatile fruit we have ever seen in the series.

That said, many people pointed out that Blueno’s abilities were actually very similar, and that he should be paired with Brulee. Following their reasoning, I did as such.

And then someone points out Mont d’Or, of whom can trap people inside a book, and the inside of this book can be manipulated……so, I also added in Mont d’Or, and changed the name from “God” to “Dimensional”.

As for awakening, people are speculating that Brulee’s different abilities and her “Mirro-world” may come from an awakening. When you compare Blueno’s dimension to Brulee’s, you’ll see that Brulee’s is far more fleshed out and…….real than Blueno’s. Would this make Mont d’Or an awakened user as well? Difficult to say, since he can’t make books, he can only control them (which is why I initially had him under manipulation).

*Theory by Electro522

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