Proof Kaido hasn’t shown his Devil Fruit Awakening yet!


One of the prevailing and more confusing aspects concerning this arc and the story are the concept of Zoan awakenings. During the rooftop battle between Kaido and Luffy, many think that Kaido’s already utilized this asset of his Devil Fruit. However, the evidence is on the contrary.


First introduced during Impel Down by Crocodile, awakenings were described by Crocodile for having immense physical durability alongside the capability to revive after being defeated.

Further along in the story, following the time-skip; we were introduced to the function of Paramecia awakenings. This was first displayed in Dressrosa by Doflamingo; and later shown with the Commander Katakuri.


Later in the narrative, we see the conflict between Big Mom and two members of the Worst Generation: Kid and Law. During this interaction we see two more awakenings shown by characters in the series.


Finally, during Kaido’s fight with Luffy; after being knocked out for the third time. Luffy’s devil fruit awakens, however it is not a Paramecia and it is in fact a Zoan. This awakening is confirmed by Kaido himself.

Despite the differences in the fruits and the functions of their awakenings, there is one narrative aspect unifying all of them, being the confirmation by the user or a credible source. The jailers, Kaido, Katakuri, Doflamingo, Law, Kid and Luffy have all had their awakenings confirmed. For some, this is reason enough to believe Kaido has not awakened his devil fruit. Additionally, Kaido has supplied us with more evidence on awakenings; further proving he has not utilized his own yet.

Firstly, Kaido notes that the trademark of Zoan awakenings are a separate body transformation.

This in turn, supports the evidence given by Crocodile regarding the impel down guardians. We have seen the typical Zoan-hybrid transformation, they resemble nothing similar to the Impel down guardians.

Leopard hybrid

Ox hybrid

Comparatively, here are the confirmed Zoan awakening users.

Back on to Kaido, we have a confirmation from Law that he has been using his hybrid-form this entire time. It is also self-evident, as we have not observed a separate form from Kaido aside from his Dragon-form, and his hybrid.

Much of the damage Kaido has received and tanked are a result of his own tankiness and his status as a Yonko. Scaly animals like Dragons and Dinosaurs are also going to be tough, regardless of if they have been awakened or not, and this is also amplified by the users durability.

To recap:

  • Awakenings in the story are typically announced and we have not seen an awakening appear unannounced yet.
  • Zoan awakenings are accompanied with a separate body transformation – Confirmed by Kaido.
  • Kaido has not utilized this separate body transformation yet, evident by confirmations on awakenings and dialogue.
  • Much of the toughness Kaido has is through his own vitality and chosen Animal, not through his awakening.

*Theory by cennsheen

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