Why it will be Zoro vs Kizaru and Sanji vs Ryokugyu


When discussing potential Straw Hats vs Marines matchups, the most common matchups people make are:

  • Luffy vs Akainu
  • Zoro vs Fujitora
  • Sanji vs Kizaru
  • Someone else vs Green Bull

While Luffy vs Akainu makes complete sense, the other 3 does not make much sense in my head.



Oda always places the Monster Trio on a much higher pedestal than the other Straw Hats during the most important fights, with Luffy on an even higher pedestal than Zoro and Sanji. A couple of examples of this would be :

  • The Doriki of the Monster Trio’s opponents being much higher than that of the other Straw Hats, with Lucci’s being comfortably the highest.
  • Luffy’s main fight being against a Yonko, while Zoro and Sanji are the only Straw Hats to fight Commanders.

People said Jinbe joining would upset the dynamic, just like they said it for Robin and Franky, but with their fights in Wano, Oda has conclusively told us that no matter who joins, Zoro and Sanji will always be No.2 and No.3, and will always be higher in combat focus than the others.

So with all this being said, it would not make sense for someone to fight alongside the Monster Trio, against the Admirals.

But there are 4 Admirals. And only 3 Opponents?


I wholeheartedly believe that Fujitora will defect from Akainu’s branch of Marines. I think he is either a member of SWORD or he will eventually become one. And they will all defect from the Marines, to form their own group, which will become the New Marines after Akainu’s faction inevitably falls. A civil war in the marines. Oda has already sown the seeds of complete dissension between Fujitora and Akainu, and their clash of ideologies.


So I think Fujitora won’t fight the Straw Hats. Hell, he likes Luffy.

So since Fujitora won’t fight, it will be 3 vs 3. Akainu, Kizaru, Green Bull vs Luffy, Zoro and Sanji.

Why Sanji vs Green Bull

The main reason why people want Sanji vs Kizaru is because they are similar fighters in certain aspects. But Sanji’s fights have never really been about matching fighting styles.

If you look back, almost every single one of Sanji’s fights have been against opponents who can play with Sanji’s character.

Sanji’s refusal to hit women vs Bon Chan, Absalom… you know, Queen being the representation of everything Sanji despises the most etc.

So Sanji fighting Kizaru just because of similar fighting styles is not really a good argument.

But is there an argument to be made for Green Bull? Plenty of them.

  • Green Bull considers food to be a drag, while Sanji glorifies food.
  • He has a thing for women, just like Sanji.

I actually love his laugh, and just from the little we saw, already love his character.

  • He gave Fujitora food, so there is a chance he might be a cook himself.
  • And the most convincing point for me: In real life, there is a disease called “Black Leg” that is fatal to bulls.

Gee… I wonder what could relate to Black Leg in the One Piece world.

So yeah, long story short, Sanji’s moniker is a disease that kills bulls, so it makes sense for him to defeat Green Bull.

To summarize this section, Sanji vs Green Bull has a lot more substance (like Sanji fights usually do) compared to “fast kicks go brrr”.

Why Zoro vs Kizaru

Unlike Sanji fights, Zoro fights focus more on fighting style than character motivations, compared to Sanji fights. And Kizaru has proved himself to be a strong swordsman, being able to match the Dark King in swordsmanship.

Also, there is the fact that Zoro usually fights the No.2 of a group, with him being the No.2 of the Straw Hats. And right now Kizaru seems to be the No.2 of the Marines.

Fujitora is rebelling.

Green Bull just doesn’t give a fuck.

Kizaru straight up offers to get involved with 2 Yonkos. Kizaru is certainly the No.2 of the Marines right now.

There is just something about Kizaru that just makes him seem so interesting. It might be the weed. No scratch that. It’s definitely the weed.

And there is also the running theme of Kizaru fighting or interacting with the No.2s of a particular group.

Kizaru vs the No.2 of the Whitebeard Pirates

Kizaru vs the No.2 of the Roger Pirates

Kizaru vs the No.2 of the Red Hair Pirates

So Kizaru might fight the No.2 of the Straw Hat Pirates as well.

And also there is this. Kizaru almost killed Zoro in Sabaody. Zoro finna want revenge.

*by ElderberryWhole5888

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