Pudding will help the Strawhats with her acting abilities


We all know how amazing Pudding is as an actress. Because of her awesome talent, there has been many debates about her character and whether she is good or evil, future nakama or enemy, with or against the Strawhats, etc.


I think this latest chapter reveals Pudding will actually help the Strawhats by using her acting ability in their favor. She did this at the start of the arc, but ultimately betrayed the Strawhats.

Now, I think she’ll use her acting to help them. I think she really wants to help Sanji and the rest of the Strawhats now, why else would she go to all the trouble to help them make the cake?


In the latest chapter, she takes Sanji’s cigarette as a “favor”.


I think Oda is wanting us to believe that Pudding did this so she could have a memento from him (after all her devil fruit is about memories), but I thought of a different angle. The “favor” would allow her to complete the character she wants to portray. The final prop she needs in order to pretend to be Mother Caramel.

Mother Caramel is ALWAYS seen with a cigarette in her mouth or in hand. Even the picture that Brook destroyed depicted Mother Caramel with a cigarette.

I think Pudding is going to use her amazing acting skills and fool her entire family (Big Mom included) into thinking she’s Mother Caramel and be the BIG NEWS, Morgans is expecting.

Mother Caramel is the only person to have any influence over Big Mom and everyone knows of her in WCI. I felt Pudding taking the cigarette was unusual and there had to be something MORE to that action. That’s what I took away from the latest chapter anyways.

*Theory by starmini

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