Sanji’s Progression In The Whole Cake Island


Whole Cake Island arc was a really strong arc for Sanji, not combat wise, but for his character and to strengthen his bond with his crew and with us, the readers. It is shocking that so many people don’t understand that Oda showcased every single character trait of Sanji which made us love the ero-cook to begin with.


First of all, Sanji is the center of the first Yonko arc which is going on for nearly two years, a privilege other characters couldn’t even dream off! Let’s not forget, that Sanji is such an important character for Oda that he gives him not one, but two backstories to flesh out his character even more, so those who claim that Oda hates Sanji, try harder 😛

  • During the current arc Sanji received more character depth, we got inside in his upbringing and that he had to endure so much shi*t because of his family. Despite that, Sanji still forgived and rescued them, partly because he’s so kind, but the main reason is, so that his real Daddy (we all know who he is) isn’t dissapointed in him. (Love that explanation!!)

  • The bond between Sanji and Luffy is stronger than ever, seriously the Luffy vs Sanji chapter was one of the best in the entire series for me!!! So much emotions which makes it impossible not to cry.


  • Sanji is the chef of the crew, I think some people like to forget that fact, instead of making him a mindless fighting machine, Oda takes his time to showcase his skills as a chef. Sanji remembering every recipe of the cake just by the smell alone or his whipped cream, that makes everyone faint, prove that he’s the best Chef out there.


That wasn’t even half of the amazing Sanji’s moments in this arc. He didn’t got as much combat feats as you wanted?? I’m sorry but Oda cares too much for Sanji to just make him a stupid fighter with no character depth.

As usual a character should always be Hype, Badass and a Monster, right?? Just pathetic!

The funniest thing is that Sanji’s combat feats were not even bad:

  • He one shotted Yonji, who managed to push away Daifuku’s genie (who wrecks whole fleets on his own).
  • He fodderized Bobbin and Raisin with one kick.

  • He was so fast against Oven, that this guy didn’t even realise that it was Sanji who send him flying with one casual kick.
  • Oven is using awakening (most likely) and completely demolished Pekoms in seconds, granted Pekoms transformation wasn’t finished yet. Sanji’s speed and ability to sneak in and out is scary.
  • He dodged Katakuri’s jelly bean shot, a man who can see the future and Sanji still dodged it, do we have to talk about how beastly his observation haki is? I don’t think so.

  • He didn’t even pay attention to Daifuku’s genie and blocked his attacks.

Not even mentioning how Judge and Niji had to blackmail him, so that they are at least able to keep up with Sanji’s combat skills.

And now, he’s going to make a Yonko faint and showcase some more of his combat skills by confronting the Big Mom Pirates.

*Theory by Rob-Lucci

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