The Inspiration and Dreams that they follow.

I like to tell you all about the Straw Hat Pirates dreams and backstory. As you can see, their backstories reveal their dreams and those who inspired them to become what they are now. What I’m talking about is that Luffy and his crew dreams can be revealed in their backstory not in the present.


Luffy’s Dream: King of the Pirates

In chapter 1- When Red Hair Pirates arrived in Foosha Village, Luffy asks Shanks if he can joins his crew by giving himself a scar and showing his bravery using a knife(giving him pain). A few days later as Red Hair Pirates are about to leave, Luffy is upset when Sahnks didn’t stoop up to Higuma and as for that he went after the bandits but then later been taken hostage. Just as Higuma is about to kill Luffy, Shanks and his crew came to the save and telling him that he will not allow one of his friends get killed. After bandits got beaten up by the Red Hair Pirates, Higuma made a getaway out to sea along with Luffy to get rid of him and just as he about to throw Luffy in the sea, a Sea King came and devoured Higuma. Just as Luffy is about to get eaten, Shanks reappear saving Luffy and use Haki on the Sea King, however it cast him his right arm and of that Luffy is sorry for what happen but Shanks was okay with it and happy that Luffy is okay. Just as the Red Hair Pirates are about to head out to sea, Luffy revealed his dream is to become the King of the Pirates no matter what. Then of that moment, Shanks gave his hat to Luffy so he can keep it safe and promise to give it back to him when they become great pirates.

Zoro’s Dream: The Greatest Sowrdsman

In chapter 5-In his childhood days in Shimotsuki Village, Zoro was being beaten by Kunia(Koshiro’s daughter) as she defeated him 2000th and how weak he was. Later that night, Zoro challenge Kunia to show her that he is not weak and of that she accepted it and of that with one strike, Zoro was defeated by Kunia 2001st. After the battle, Kunia breaks in tears and tells Zoro about being a girl as she getting older and she will fall behind him due to the fact girls do not acquire the strength guys. Zoro was upset for what she said, as he saying she doesn’t have the rights to complain after she beat him also the insult that helps him doing hard work. The two made an agreement to become the best sowrdsmen. But on the next day, Zoro heard of Kunia’s death and makes upset even more, but he asks his sensei to hand over her sword to him so he can keep it safe. On that moment, Zoro’s dream revealed to become Greatest Swordsman on her behalf.


Nami’s Dream: Make the World Map

In chapter 77-In her childhood days in Cocoyasi Village and live with Nojiko and Bellmere, Nami was caught by Genzo for her attempted to steal a book. She was only did it because her family is poor and can’t afford to buy the book of navigation and needed it to travel the world. In that moment, Nami’s Dream is to Make World Map by traveling the world and of that Bellemere was happy for her.


Ussop’s Dream: The Bravest Warrior of the Sea

In chapter 14-In his childhood in Syrup Village, Usopp ran to his to tell his mother(who is sick) that his father(Yasopp) is back to take them away. However, she knew that Ussop was lying, but still she’s happy that she married Yasopp and left to pursue his dream. As of that moment, Ussop revealed his dream to become the Bravest of the Seas just like his father.

Sanji’s Dream: Find the All Blue

In chapter 57- In his childhood and after escaping from the Germa Kingdom, Sanji is living the life cooking in kitchen on a cruise ship. Just then, the Cook Pirates invade the cruise and takes everything that was in it. As no one can stop them, Sanji stood up to them by using a knife and try to take on Zeff but easily getting beaten by him. Upon that moment, Sanji revealed his dream to find the All Blue just like Zeff.

Chopper’s Dream: Become the Greatest Doctor

In chapter 145-In his childhood in Drum Island, Chopper was outcast after being kicked out of his herd and after eat Hito Hito no Mi. Just then, he was brought in by Dr. Hiluluk from a blizzard to keep him warm and of that moment he made Chopper his assistant and teach everything about being a doctor. A year later, Hiluluk became ill from disease he has, as of the horror Chopper went off to find the special mushroom to heal his mentor and of that moment he found a mushroom(Amiudake) to help Hiluluk. But just then, Chopper discover that the mushroom is poisonous, Hiluluk took it because he was moved by Chopper’s corner for his well-being. Soon after Hiluluk’s death, Chopper revealed his dream to become the greatest doctor and find cure for every disease.

Robin’s Dream: Find the Rio Poneglyph

In chapter 392-In her childhood in Ohara, Robin wanders in the Tree of Knowledge and reads the books held in Clover’s invitation. Later, Clover and the scholars invited her to Tree of Knowledge and announced her as a scholar. As of that moment, Robin’s dream revealed and her dream is to find and read the Rio Poneglyph to when of the Void Centry just like her mother.

Franky’s Dream: Travel the world with his creative ship

In chapter 353-In his childhood in Water 7 and as Tom’s apprentice, Franky learned to make ship of his own and calling them the Battle Franky to hunt down Sea Kings, it was amazing for him it even amaze Tom. At that moment, Franky revealed his dream to travel the world with his creative ship.

Brook’s Dream: Visit Laboon

In chapter 487-In his days with the Rumbar Pirates, Brook made friends with a whale named Laboon who loved his music and it travel with the Rumbar Pirates anywhere they go. However, when they reach the Grand Line, Laboon can’t go with because of the danger they may encounter, but Brook, Yorki, and the rest of the crew promise to one day return and play Bink Sake to Laboon. It revealed that Brook’s dream is to return Laboon and play the song him and crew sang for him.

Jinbei’s Dream: Peace between Human and Fishermen

In chapter 594-In his days in Fishermen Island and with the Sun Pirates, Queen Otohime preaches to her people to let there be peace to of humans and fishermens. After Fisher Tiger’s death, Jinbei leads to crew to fight without harming any humans in the land.
As of that moment, Jinbei revealed his dream to bring peace to the land and sea like Queen Otoime wanted.

So, as you can see everyone, The Straw Hats must be inspired by those they love and follow their dreams to do so.

*Theory by Awaken Fruit

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