Scratchmen Apoo’s Overpowered Devil Fruit


These are based on Scratchmen Apoo’s fight with Kizaru on Sabaody and the latest chapter 980.


Let’s begin with what we currently know about how he morphs his body parts and how they land their attacks:

  1. Hands – Resembles strings of a guitar. It seems as though Luffy got punched on the face when Apoo strummed the strings on his hands.
  2. Head – Resembles a cymbal, the thing that goes tsssssss in a drum set. Both Kizaru and Zoro got cut via this attack. When using this attack, he seemed to shout “Scratch” on both occasions.
  3. Torso – Drums. Both Kizaru and Luffy received explosion-like damage via this method.

Let’s talk about sound. No science lessons here, but we all know sound travels fast. Sound is also used as sonar to determine locations of various objects, like fish in the sea.


Now let’s talk about how he puts on a show before his attacks. It seems to me that prior to him launching his attacks, there is a ritual that has to be heard by his enemies. A pre-attack “verse”, if you will. While some may think it’s just a musical show for comedic purposes etc, I strongly believe it’s an important factor to consider in Apoo’s styles of attacks. In my opinion, these pre-attack verses must be heard by the enemy in order for Apoo to accurately determine the exact location of his enemies. Once the locations are determined his attacks would be almost unavoidable. In other words, his attacks are extremely fast, invisible and very accurate. Damn.


Why I think Apoo’s devil fruit has so many possibilities:

If Apoo gains the ability to manipulate the frequencies of his sounds, he can change his attacks to high-frequency notes which aren’t audible to the human ear. A non-audible ritual? Bruh.

I’m very interested to see how Oda decides to diversify Apoo’s abilities. What do you guys think?

*Theory by redcurrysoba

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