Tamago’s Devil Fruit Powers [SPOILER]


Tamago is a very powerful man from the Longleg Tribe with a bounty of Beli


Tamago is extremely strong, in contrast to his disproportionate build. He was able to easily lift, with each of his thin arms, a sack larger than his own torso of gold and jewelry. He has enough physical power to clash with Pedro, the leader of the minks’ Guardians with a bounty of Beli


As one of the Longleg Tribe, his legs are considered the main point of his combat strength and, at the same time, his weakness. He is capable of performing rapid kick attacks, horizontally spinning his legs in a whirlwind motion akin to a rolling cartwheel. Due to his legs’ length, his kicks have great range (superior, by his own word, to that of Pedro’s sword strokes), and he is capable of clashing his legs directly against a blade with no apparent repercussions. He wears special tights that can protect him from electric attacks, particularly Electro.

Tamago ate the Tama Tama no Mi Devil Fruit that turns his body composition into that of an egg. When his body is broken, Tamago evolves into a stronger form that gradually loses his human appearance and gives him the appearance of a chicken each time he does so. He is stated to become stronger in combat each time he evolves, and is a “true knight” once he reaches his third form.

He currently has three known forms, Baron Tamago being his base form, Viscount Hiyoko, and Count Niwatori. Should his strongest form be destroyed, he reverts to his weakest base form. This endless cycle effectively prevents him from dying in battle as long as he is not killed in the midst of an evolution.

Tama Tama no Mi is an unclassified Devil Fruit which possesses attributes of two Devil Fruit classes:

  • Paramecia, as it allows the user to regenerate their body.
  • Zoan, as it allows the user to take the form of an animal.

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