The Alliance of the 3 Strongest Supernovas is now real!


Oda did a great job of setting up despair for the samurai with the flashback and showing the drive behind why they are doing what they are doing.


They already lasted years without Oden and then when he was back they had to deal with his decision until the time for them to understand. After all that, Oden saved their lives and gave them purpose. The least they could do was see his wish fulfilled. And to them it has only been months.

It really explains Kinemon’s reaction when he first met Luffy and the crew on Punk Hazard and everything else. That aside, the great betrayal was too much that he didn’t want to think about who could have been the traitor given all he had been through and think someone would actually do that with all their hopes. He was actually hopeless at that point.


And what happens next! Luffy, Law and Kid show up! The three captains are standing proud on the prow of their respective ships in face of the three Kaido’s warships. So epic!

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Damn, Luffy is slowly starting to look like Roger. Here Luffy’s actually wearing a captain’s coat and Law is wearing (what looks to be) Cora-san’s coat.

I love the call back to Sabaody! We first saw them heading out from the slave auction in chapter 504, almost 12 years (4,281 days) ago!

Finally Oda is getting us introduced to Sea Battles!
He mentioned in an interview a year or two ago that Wano would introduce more battles out at sea with ships. And I have been patiently waiting for epic sea battles ever since.
“You bastards, to go after samurai on a tiny little boat. When you are on the sea, YOU FIGHT PIRATES!!!”

I’m glad the main plot is moving along smoothly after such a long (yet interesting/intense) flashback. I’m wondering if Denjiro is responsible for the counter-attack. So hyped for the next chapter!

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