Wano Traitor is Finally Revealed!


Kanjuro is revealed to be the one providing Orochi with information about the alliance’s actions. His inability to draw was just an act.


This “who is the traitor” guessing was so much fun. Oda left lots of hints about who is the traitor and lot of stuff to mislead. There were hundreds of theories but you couldn’t be absolutely sure who the traitor is.

Oda is taking heavilly inspiration from Kabuki to Wano arc. Wano arc is structured like Kabuki play. Act 1 , Act 2 and so on.


Kanjuro literally was actor in Kabuki play about Wano 😀

Kanjuro is dressed like Kabuki actor and or Bunraku puppet and Oda probaly took inspiration from Kiritake Kanjuro who is omozukai (principal puppeteer) Puppets don’t have emotions or heart.


Raizo’s desing is from Shibaraku.

Okiku’s is inspired by Segawa Kikunojo

Here is just few earlier hints that Oda gave us. In Wano we got more and more hints and red herrings.

Kanjuro was captured in Dressrosa.

In Dressrosa Kinemon was attacked by Doflamingo’s guards.

They knew his name and that he is from Wano. Kanjuro informed Orochi from Dressrosa about Kinemon, Raizo and Momonosuke. So Info-> Orochi -> Kaido -> Jack and Doflamingo.

Kanjuro can transform himself to painting in wall.

When Kinemon finally found Kanjuro, he popped out of the wall and was perfectly fine and casual.

After that he made ladder for people who were chasing Doflamingo’s wanted list people. Kanjuro wasn’t even on that list.

In Zou he made a Dragon drawing.

In this panel we don’t see Kanjuro’s face. Oda just happened to block Kanjuro’s face. Another hint that he doesn’t belong to alliance.

When Toki send them to future, Kanjuro’s bird paintings also travelled to the future

He was persecuted in past like Kurozumis

I absolutely love how Kinemon didn’t hesitate to decapitate Kanjuro once his identity was revealed. They’re not playing games, and this is a rough time for all of them. Makes me worried about Shinobu now, where could she be if she wasn’t really the one holding Momonosuke on the shore.

Did Kanjuro paint himself to look like Shinobu?

Was he Shinobu the entire time?

Is the Shinobu we see in the current timeline what she really looks like now?

Could the real Shinobu show up any time?

Anyway Kanjuro doesn’t seem to know about Denjiro either, so there is a traitor on both sides! It will be interesting how that affects the current timeline for sure.

King – The Former Warden of Impel Down

The Alliance of the 3 Strongest Supernovas is now real!