The Best 1vs1 Fight Since Luffy vs Lucci!


Remember when Oda’s editor said this arc would get more exciting? I though he was referring to the Tamatebako’s explosion during the wedding.


I remember reading the chapters last summer during the wedding part, and I thought the arc would end with Luffy and the others using the Tamatebako’s explosion as an opportunity to escape. Did anyone else think this as well?

I especially thought the arc was ending when the crew was running towards the Sunny, and if there was going to be a confrontation between Luffy and Katakuri it would happen at the bay/on the Sunny.

Then so and so happens, now Luffy and Katakuri are duking it out in the mirror world 1v1. I remember that panel with Luffy throwing Katakuri into the Mirror World and smashing the only mirror to the Sunny like it was in yesterday’s chapter.

Now we’re here, and honestly this was one hell of an experience. If I was into One Piece in 2005/2006 while Luffy vs Lucci was going down, I bet that this is what it would have felt like. This is THE Luffy vs Lucci of the New World, and I would even go as far to say that it might be even better.


The amount of emotional depth in this fight, especially in recent events with this last chapter, gives this fight so much more to appreciate other than the spectacular blows being exchanged between these two beasts…it’s out of this world.

Luffy: “This is the end”

Katakuri: “Yeah”

Damn, the feels.

*Theory by Bruh302

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