The Future of Current Arc


Recently this theory came to my mind. I believe that the Luffy/Katakuri fight will end up with Luffy’s defeat, but we won’t see it. Instead, action will be centered on Big Mom chasing Bege’s ship to get the cake while Straw Hats are escaping from Smoothie.


Tension will be present and when Big Mom will be reaching the cake, Peros will try to destruct it, but Big Mom will kill him before.

After that, Big Mom will eat the cake and faint. Bege won’t do anything to Big Mom and will use her unconscious body to trade it against Straw Hats freedom. Wisely, Smoothie will see that Big Mom isn’t hurt, and accept the deal.

As promised, Straw Hats will land on Cacao Island, but Oven won’t let them leave like this. I’ll take the easy path here and say that Germa will come and defeat Oven and co while Straw Hats take the mirror and escape on boat.


While on boat, Straw Hats will desperately wait for the winner out of the mirror, hoping that it’s Luffy.


But first, Katakuri’s head will pop off the mirror, to see if where he landed is secure. Straw Hats will be afraid and try to menace him. He won’t give any damn about their threats, and deduct he is on their ship. So, he will slowly come out the mirror, and reveal he is carrying Luffy on his shoulder, unconscious. After that, he will fall unconscious too, and while part of the Straw Hats will want to throw him in the sea, Chopper will “Sanji-like” say that he can’t let go off someone badly wounded as Katakuri is.

So they will install them in a room and Chopper will cure them. Katakuri will wake up first, because of Sanji’s food odor. He will show up on the deck, and Straw Hats will prepare themselves to fight. At this moment, Luffy will show up and tell them not to do anything, will offer to Katakuri the best meal he ever had thanks to Sanji.

After eating, Katakuri will reveal that he cannot go back to Big Mom territory, as he will now be seen either as a monster (Flampe), either as dead (if Luffy is alive), either a traitor (if both are alive). Luffy will ask him if he wants to be his Nakama, at the biggest surprise of the crew (typical “EHHHHHHHHH” moment). Katakuri will decline the offer, but will say that he respects him a lot, and will go on on hiw own for the moment (foreshadowing his entrance or collaboration with grand fleet). Luffy will accept, and as a lot of people say, a Whitebeard/Roger relation will appear between them.

At this moment they’ll receive a newspaper announcing what they did in Big Mom Terrotory, and what is currently happening in Reverie, while Revolutionaries are sieging the place and Marines trying to defend.

Luffy will hesitate so much between going to help Sabo (and his father), and go to Wano. They’ll stop on a small island to rest and decide what’s next. In this time, Katakuri will reveal to Luffy how he did to awake his fruit, and Luffy will start training.

They’ll finally decide to go to Wano (“I believe in Sabo, he’ll live” says Luffy), letting Katakuri on the island.

That’s the end of my seeing, so I hope it wasn’t so painful to read, as I’m not english native speaker x)

Tell me how you feel about it !!

*Theory by Naupy

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