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The Biggest Supernova Alliance to defeat Kaido!


In Chapter 990 Drake is revealed to be the one whom Queen and Who’s Who wanted to kill and they attacked him.


Who’s Who accuses Drake of helping Law back in Rasetsu Town.
Drake is questioned by Hawkins about his objectives, especially with freeing Law.

Drake realizes that all three of them want to kill him. But before the three can retrieve more information about his intents and dispose of him, Drake manages to escape by destroying one of the castle windows and jump to the Live Stage. Before he manages to land, he attacks Juki with his saber and four-bladed axe in his hands. At the same time, Luffy delivers his attack.


Who’s Who and Queen working in cahoots was a surprise. King taking charge and commanding the Tobiroppo once again showed his competence and sense of responsibility as the true Kaido’s right hand.


In fact all 3 Calamities have been extremely competent so far. Queen deciding to dispose off Drake for being a traitor and Jack actually being up there on the dome of Onigashima leading the Gifters and a Number against the army of Sulong Minks – these are the kinds of feats one would expect of Yonko Commanders.

After beating the Numbers, X Drake expresses his intent to fight alongside Luffy.

It is now clear that the true leader of the rebellion is Monkey D. Luffy. Drake directly asked Luffy to allow him to join his side in the battle. A desperate situation for Drake and he knew whom to approach. It is ultimately Luffy’s approval that counts. And this holds true because Luffy can read a person’s intentions to some extent and know whether the person is ‘good’ or ‘bad’. Once again Mihawk’s statement has been reverberated here. Luffy indeed has the most terrifying ability in all of the seas. The ability to make allies without even voluntarily asking them to join his side.

Now we only need to see what Hawkins will do and if Apoo is willing to remain loyal to Kaido as well.
I believe Hawkins will switch sides and Apoo will not. Back in Sabaody when the Supernovas are first introduced Shakky specifically names Luffy, Law, Kid, Hawkins and Drake.

With Drake in-bound, it is a matter of time before Hawkins joins in too. I don’t expect them to get any significant 1v1 fights but they sure are going to participate in the final clash against Kaido.

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