The cake that will send Big Mom to heaven… literally!


The cake that is so delicious it will send Big Mom to heaven… literally.

This will be a short little theory i thought of that i wont put too much effort into until the Viz releases its version of chapter 891

On page 13 of the chapter, “Believing in Me,” we get lines of dialogue from Veto, Capone, and Gotty. Veto proceeds to say, “What a sublime fragrance… I feel faint. I cant even describe it!” Then Capone says, We don’t even need to put any poison in it,” which then Gotty says, the deliciousness will send you straight to heaven, Big Mom!


Take what Capone and gang are saying in a literal sense. What if they really don’t need to put any poison in it to kill Big Mom? What if the deliciousness will carry Big Mom straight to heaven? I believe that it will and this is classic, clear One Piece foreshadowing.

As we know Oda rarely wastes space within his dialogue. Most of the dialogue that Oda creates in some way or form is relevant in the future. On page 8 of chapter 889, The Big Mom Pirates state that no matter what, they cannot trust the cake. This is non wasted dialogue from Oda which starts what has yet to come. A conflict between The Big Mom Pirates and The Straw Hat Pirates. Something that accentuates this point even more is that on page 9 of chapter 889, we get a quarrel between Capone and Sanji. Capone wants to poison the cake but Sanji insists not to for the sake of his pride.


For some reason Big Mom is more sensitive to the taste of food more than any other character in One Piece. I believe that somewhere down the line, Big Mom will get her hands on the cake eventually and we all know what happens to Big Mom when she eats delicious food. It sends her into a literal state of Euphoria. A euphoric state so strong Big Mom unknowingly consumed her friends and Mother Caramel from the Sheep House. If this cake that is so delicious, that it can even effect Bege the same way the Semla affected Big Mom, then we know this cake is something else.

If the cake effected Bege the way it did, then imagine how it will effect Big Mom. Remember when Bege said that the cake will send Big Mom to heaven? This is where that line comes into play. Big Mom will eat this cake therefor sending her into her state of euphoria except this time it will be a little different. It will effect her so strongly to the point that it kills Big Mom. The Big Mom pirates would then blame The Firetank Pirates and the Strawhat Pirates for her death.

This scenario is a definite possibility in my opinion. This would open up a spot of a Yonko therefor allowing the new generation of pirates to start making their mark on the New World as Yonkos. I mean, the old generation of marines, and pirates were already starting to be put to rest. We had the death of Whitebeard, The stepping down of Fleet Admiral from Sengoku and Garp retiring.

Conclusion: Sanji’s cake is so delicious that it will kill Big Mom ending her generation as a Yonko therefor leaving the Big Mom Pirates enraged at the Straw Hats.

*Theory by FirstCommanderTheorist

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