The Mystery Legend that Oda said will soon appear.


The only thing we know about this guy is that he is a “Legend” who has a connection to Whitebeard and will be the StrawHats’ greatest enemy.

So let’s begin!

He’s an Ex-Yonko


Shiki said “pirates rule the seas!” He could have been talking about the 4 pirates who rule the sea aka the Yonkos and he was worried about the balance after he was imprisoned and Roger was executed leaving Whitebeard and ? 

If the Yonko system existed before Roger became the Pirate King we would have a clue there 

• then 3/4 Yonkos has been revealed in the golden era 

1) Gol D. Roger
2) Gold Lion Shiki
3) Edward Newgate
4) ???

• So Roger would have to be regognized as one of the strongest as a Yonko before he became the King

• there is a clue for Roger being a Yonko back then when 2 Yonko’s meet or make contact the Marines will get shocked about the news and prepare for war:

Roger met Shiki (Edd War) = The Marines got shocked
Shanks met Whitebeard = same
Shanks met Kaido = same

What happened to him?

“You have to beat a yonko to take their position”

The pattern goes like this:

Whitebeard < Blackbeard – He killed Whitebeard

Gol.D.Roger* < Big Mom – Roger’s position will be vacated to she could have been the next strongest to take the position


Gold Lion Shiki < Shanks – Could Ace beaten him while he was in hiding to take his position as Yonko


??? < Kaido – Kaido also could have been chosen for this because his title could also have been vacated.

So here’s the theory:

He was beaten by Whitebeard so he went into hiding like Shiki but he’s coming soon as Oda said – “a legend is lurking and will be the StrawHats’ greatest enemy”

Oda also mentioned a connection to Whitebeard

• Whitebeard’s ephitet was “The King of the Sea”
So their rivalry could have been the for the one to take the title

So after Roger died the remaining Yonkos were Shiki, Whitebeard and him at the time but Shiki went into hiding so the 2 people who ruled new world were Whitebeard and him so they could have been the rivals who faught to see who was the “King of the Sea”.

Whitebeard could not have been the King of Sea because Roger died and Shiki went into hiding so it would make him look weak so this legend could have been Whitebeard’s true rival like Roger was to Shiki.

He could have been able to fight on par with prime Whitebeard but was beaten; Whitebeard could have thaught that he was dead but he could have survived and been in hiding.

Return to One Piece

He could be in Wano to take his title from Kaido who got it after everyone thaught he was dead so he could come back stronger to take down Kaido.

“This is because he will most likely appear in the Wano arc”

He could be an enemy for the NinjaPirate-Mink-Samurai Alliance for being allied with Whitebeard meaning that he has to deal with StrawHat Alliance too.

StrawHats’ biggest enemy yet??

This could be biggest hype since the StrawHats are current enemies with Kaido, Marshall D. Teach, Big Mom, Akainu,… so this could mean that he could be stronger than all of them.

And Luffy owes a lot Whitebeard because he would have died if it wasn’t for him so Luffy could make it his duty to protect Whitebeard’s reputation along with Marco, Nekomamushi and Inuarashi.

His future role in the series 

I think that Luffy and the alliance wont be enough to beat Kaido but he could actually beat Kaido to take back the title that he never lost.

Sounds impossible right?? But this is highly possible, this could show the actual power level of the Golden Age of Pirates since Whitebeard was only able to demonstrate a little of the powers of a legendary pirate.

“The terror of a true pirate” 
The term true pirate could be the power of the Golden Age Pirates.

Could it be enough to beat a powerful man like Kaido?

That’s it for this theory I think that the upcoming “lurking legend” is the un-named yonko of the golden age of pirates and will be one to demonstrate what they were all capable of.

*Theory by King of beasts kaido

The cake that will send Big Mom to heaven… literally!

Nico Robin has the potential to be the strongest of the Straw Hats because of her Devil Fruit.