The Cause of the War between the Ancient Kingdom and the World Government


I’ve always thought: There’s nothing that would intimidate the 20 Kingdoms to band together, to try and topple the mighty and powerful Ancient Kingdom? What on Earth could be the reason?


Bear with me. I have solid proof to back this up.

I found something odd. The World of One Piece was so vast with so many Races/Species, like Fishmen, Merfolk, Skypeians, etc… but during the Reverie, most of the Kings that attended were….HUMANS.

I’m not talking about Races, but Species. Even the Celestial Dragons, descendants of the first 20 Kings, are all human. So…one thing we can be sure of: there were no species apart from Humans that fought against the Ancient Kingdom.


Now let’s examine the Species/Kingdoms we know were allied/were on good terms with the Ancient Kingdom:

  • Kozuki Clan of Wano(Human)
  • Mokomo Dukedom atop Zou(Mink)
  • Ryuugu Kingdom in Fishman Island (Merfolk)
  • Shandia of Skypiea/Jaya Formerly (Sky People)

I’m listing them as allies because there’s a Poneglyph of great value with these people, which I’m sure Joy Boy would’ve given only if he trusted them enough. Alabasta might’ve a change of heart after the mega genocide of the Ancient Kingdom, and maybe decided to protect the whereabouts of Pluton.

Now, look at the flags of Alabasta, Shandia and Kozuki Clan:




Kozuki Clan, emblem common to Wano and Zou

Now, the Giant sphere surrounded by 8 spheres of varying size is something you cannot miss. And (g)Oda is a master at pulling off these things. Remember the celestial bodies model of the World of One Piece in Ohara?

A planet orbited by 8 moons

Now you might ask me: How does this relate to our theory in any way whatsoever?

Have we already seen these 2 Characters during the Flashback of Big Mom’s Past?

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