The Definitive Monster Trio vs Admirals Match-Ups!


A very popular topic online is the notion of Monster Trio fighting the Admirals at one point in the story. I’m still not 100% convinced these fights will happen as I have my doubts where they could be placed but I do admit that this idea does excite me. So I decided to check all of the Admirals and see which one of them would present the best opponent for each member of the Monster Trio, and I have reached 2 possible outcomes.

Luffy vs Sakazuki


This one is pretty obvious and easy to guess. Both of them represent, or rather will by the time they fight, the pinnacle of their respective sides – Luffy the Pirate King and Sakazuki the Fleet Admiral.

Akainu is the only person that has broken Luffy both physically and mentally. The scar he left on Luffy by murdering Ace right in front of him is proof enough that their rematch is inevitable. Akainu is the only person that Luffy has personally shown distain towards when mentioned by Jinbe on Fishman Island.

This might be a form of PTSD Luffy has and I think it being a core of their fight could be very interesting. Luffy fighting through that bad memory of Ace’s death and fear of losing someone else like that and eventually overcoming said PTSD and triumphing over Akainu would be great. Their fighting styles even Compliment each other as they are both “punchheavy” brawlers with fire based attacks.


I have seen decent amount of people saying Sabo is the one who will beat Akainu and I have to be honest I just don’t see this happening in a way that would be more satisfying than Luffy fighting him. Yeah Sabo has Ace’s devil fruit and he hates himself for not being there for Ace but that still is far less compelling than what Luffy went through.


Only other person that I can see MAYBE fighting Akainu and beating him is Garp but that opens a whole another can of worms called “powerscaling” that I don’t want to go into it. I fully expect and I really want, Luffy to punch him into the ground.

Zoro vs Fujitora

It’s hard to imagine anyone other than Fujitora fighting Zoro. I just find it unimaginable that Oda would introduce a Swordsman Admiral and not have the guy who strives to be the World’s Strongest Swordsman fight him. They even had a brief fight in Dresrossa that people seem to forget never actually finished, and Zoro being the swordsman he is would never run away from a fight.

So I fully expect the two of them, the two honorable swordsmen that live by the code of Bushido, to conclude this fight. Zoro even asks Luffy to switch with him when he was fighting Fujitora.

Now, I know a lot of people think Fujitora might switch sides in the Final War because of his actions on Dresrossa, but it’s one thing to want for Warlord system to disband and whole another to just let the Pirates overthrow the World Government. Besides, losing an Admiral like Fujitora, would mean a huge loss of fire power on the Marine side which I just don’t see happening. It would tip the scale in Straw Hats favor too much.

Sanji vs Ryokugyu

Agree or Disagree, True or Not it doesn’t matter, there is a rather large amount of people considering the two new Admirals to be weaker than the original trio. That’s how it is, and I think it tracks. Luffy’s opponents are always significantly stronger than the opponents Sanji and Zoro face and I think Oda will establish this to be the case with Sakazuki and the 2 Admirals when the time comes.

There is also a large group of people liking the idea that Sanji will fight Kizaru. They are both fast characters who specialize in kicking and judging by Sanji’s most recent opponent using lasers I can see why, it’s a good match-up.

These two simply swinging their fire and light kicks at each other makes me want to see them fight!

But that’s only based on surface-level similarities. Hence why I think Ryokugyu is a much better, and dare I say it, perfect pick.

Even though we haven’t even seen him, and we know very little about him we already have more things to work with than with Kizaru. For one we know he is an enjoyer of women which is just like Sanji. Maybe I’m reading too much into it but it’s an interesting notion. From this moment we also know he hasn’t eaten in almost 3 years because he finds it bothersome and useless which once again clashes with Sanji’s view of “glorifying” food.

I’m sure there will be more stuff that would indicate towards him fighting Sanji once we saw his appearance and learned what his powers are. I’m willing to bet they will be Martial Arts related just like how Fujitora’s powers are swordsmanship related and how Sakazuki’s powers are brawler related.

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