The Egg on Roger’s Ship was the Ancient Weapon Uranus


During their face off at the Edd War, Shiki the Golden Lion while pointing in the direction of Roger said “We’ll use that apocalyptic weapon you’ve found and my military might!” meaning he was proposing an alliance.


But what was he pointing at? A lot of people acknowledge that he was pointing at the huge spotted egg that was on the Oro Jackson.

Now “apocalyptic weapon” could only reference to the Ancient Weapons the World Government is also looking for. And Roger already acquired it during that time, two years before he found Laugh Tale.


Given that the three Ancient Weapons are Poseidon, Pluton and Uranus, is this egg Uranus? I believe so via process of elimination.

  • While Pluton has yet to appear in the story, it has been referred to as an ancient ship capable of massive damage and destruction. While the exact whereabouts of Pluton remain unknown, the Alabasta Poneglyph contains information on its location.
    It’s been hinted many times that the Pluton in Alabasta will be found and awakened by a group with bad intentions (World Government? Blackbeard?).
  • Princess Shirahoshi is the current form of Poseidon.
    At Laugh Tale Roger Roger discovered the truths about the Void Century, the meaning of D., and the Ancient Weapons, which are all essential for the destruction of the Red Line and the World Government. Roger can theoretically access all but Poseidon, which would not be born until long after he is dead.

This leaves Uranus.
Gol D. Roger used to transport on his ship a strange big egg. When Shiki asked Roger to form an alliance, Roger refused and, while Shiki was trying to attack him, a sudden storm arrived and destroyed all Shiki’s ships.

“Uranus” was the name of the greek god who was able to control the weather, maybe that storm was caused by the Ancestral Weapon which just wanted to protect its owner from a danger, although in that moment Uranus wasn’t born yet or anyway it was sleeping in its egg.


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