The End of Wano Arc Was Rushed?


I felt the end of Wano arc was rushed since we had a lot of things that Oda should draws and talks about but..

  • 1- A big party where we see everyone dancing and having fun;
  • 2- Luffy/Jinbe reunion with Marco;
  • 3- Zoro visiting Ryuma graves;
  • 4- Zoro holding the Nidai Kitetsu;
  • 5- More information about Kokuto secrets;
  • 6- Some Meito revealed (Saijo O Wazamono/O Wazamono/ Ryo Wazamono/ Wazamono);
  • 7- Zoro and the Shinigami;
  • 8- Shimotsuki Ushimaru and Zoro relation, why Kawamatsu said that both of them use the same fighting style;
  • 9- Where are the Bounties of everyone?
  • 10- Why do Robin don’t tell us what she read in the Poneglyphs?

*by Neiserdias

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