The Greatest Enigma in One Piece: Monkey D. Dragon


Monkey D. Dragon, commonly known as “Dragon the Revolutionary”, is the father of the 5th Emperor Monkey D. Luffy and the son of the Marine Hero Monkey D. Garp.


He is the infamous leader of the Revolutionary Army who has been attempting to overthrow the World Government. He is the World Government’s greatest enemy, and is the most dangerous and most wanted man in the world.

Dragon’s character is mostly unknown because of several mysteries that are circling him. Save for an obvious hate for Celestial Dragons, love for freedom, trust in fate, and traits of a “D.”

Devil Fruit: What is his Devil Fruit? Did he even eat one?


Ancient Weapon: Does he possess one (Uranus)?


Ancient Kingdom/Void Century: Does he know the true history? Does he search for the Poneglyphs?

Power-Level: How strong exactly is he? Who does he compare to? Admirals? Emperors?

Motivation: Why did he choose a life of hiding, secrecy and war? Did something happen to him?

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