10 Characters That Could Die In Wano Arc


10-Gecko Moria


Recently, Moria raided one of the Blackbeard Pirates’ islands to confront Blackbeard and look for the missing Absalom. However, he discovered that Absalom has been killed and Shiryu has taken his Devil Fruit power. Blackbeard invited Moria to join him.
Will Moria accept or decline Blackbeard’s invitation to sail under his flag?

9-Edward Weevil

Another fight that will probably take place during the Wano arc is the one between the remnant Whitebeard Pirates and the self-proclaimed son of Whitebeard and current Shichibukai, Weevil.
During the timeskip, Weevil fought and destroyed 15 pirate crews that served under Whitebeard, in order to claim Whitebeard’s treasure that Bakkin promised him. All of these started as small arguments that turned into large conflicts.
After the Shichibukai system was abolished, Weevil and his mother found themselves confronted by the Marines. Seeing that they were no longer allies, Bakkin gave Weevil permission to take out the Marines, which he was happy to do. It is very unlikely that the Marines will capture Weevil.
If Weevil shows up at Whitebeard’s home country Sphinx, he is going to have a hard time.



After the Payback War, Marco went to Whitebeard’s home village and worked as a doctor there. When Nekomamushi came to the village to find him, Marco talked about Whitebeard’s history with the village. He also heard about Edward Weevil attacking those connected to Whitebeard in search of a fortune that does not exist. Because of the possibility that Weevil would attack the village as well, Marco decided to remain in the village to protect it.
Some speculated that Weevil will kill Marco.

7-Kurozumi Kanjuro


Kanjuro was born and raised in a popular theatre troupe. However, his parents were killed onstage one day due to being members of the Kurozumi Family. Kanjuro drifted and ultimately found his relatives Kurozumi Orochi, Kurozumi Higurashi, and Kurozumi Semimaru. So that Kanjuro could aid in his plot to overthrow the Kozuki Family and become the shogun, Orochi gave him a Devil Fruit to eat and instructed him to live as a Kozuki member up until his death. Since he sought death, Kanjuro readily agreed.
Will Kanjuro take the role of the evil guy and die fullfiling the role or will he have a redemption?

6-Kinemon or one of Oden’s Nine Red Scabbards

The Nine Red Scabbards are a squad of formidable samurai who served Kozuki Oden. Their captain is Kin’emon.
20 years ago during the Beasts Pirates takeover of Wano Country, they were supposedly taken down by the Shogun Kurozumi Orochi for the family’s plan to open up the boarders of Wano. Despite their defeat, it was prophesied by Kozuki Toki that they will return 20 years later to claim their vengeance.

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