The Greatest Swordsman in the World before Mihawk


So we are all aware about the abilities of Enma.


But I was thinking about when Hitetsu asked Momonosuke if he wanted the Ame no Habakiri and Momonosuke replied that he wasn’t scared of it but he believed he wasn’t ready to wield it.

Momonosuke saying that while inadvertently transforming into his dragon form clearly indicates that he is afraid of it. So I’m going to assume that this sword also has a fearsome ability.

I believe the Ame no Habakiri is so sharp that it literally cuts the air (heavens), it is also very light and allows for extremely fast attacks. The reason why Momonosuke is afraid of it is because it’s too sharp for him to handle.


And the specific abilities of these swords follow a specific theme: The Yin & Yang of One Piece’s swordsmen.

Now you might be asking what is the Yin and Yang of the swordsmen? So you can recall I’ll remind you Brook broke down the difference between himself and Zoro during Thriller Bark. He exclaimed the he was a Gentle Blade user as he relied on speed (and albeit precision). He then said Zoro is a Strong Blade due to his use of raw strength. It would then be known that Mihawk is the perfect balance between the two styles and that’s why he’s the best swordsman in the world.


So now let’s look at the specific swords abilities and how the play in. In my theory, the Ame no Habakiri follows with Hitetsu claiming that the sword can cut the heavens. But also looking back one can see that swordsmen can cut the air to make those long range slice attacks, literally cutting the air (heavens), so this is an ability that only master swordsmen can do. Likewise only master swordsmen can imbue koka into their swords like the Enma forces you to. This shows that these swords literally force you to have specific skill set that if not mastered, one could damage themselves and others around them.

In Zoro’s case he tried to cut the base of a tree and took out a whole cliff. Zoro as mentioned before comes from the Strong Blade style. The only way he will master Enma is by controlling his Haki and applying the skills of Gentle Blade to his use of Enma, thus allowing him to become a balanced swordsman. See Enma has all the power you want but you can’t make fast and precise attacks. On the flip side, if Momonosuke wants to master Ame no Habakiri  he will have to learn how to add power to his attacks through the use of Haki and techniques from the Strong Blade, because if my theory is correct, Ame no Habakiri though it may be very sharp but it lacks the power to do large scale damage.

Now I say all to get to my final thought and it is in regards to Kozuki Oden, the man who mastered these swords.

I think it’s safe to say that if my theory is correct, not only did Oden master both swords and their respective abilities, he mastered the styles necessary to wield them and became a truly balanced swordsman. Thus I believe, during the time of Roger before Mihawk was ever a thing, Oden Kozuki was the strongest swordsman on earth. Oden balancing sword styles and the literal balance of his swords abilities show a true embodiment of the Yin-Yang of the One Piece swordsmen.

*Theory by dddttt20

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