WANO WAR HYPE: 30,000 vs 4,000


On the day of the Fire Festival, Orochi’s procession heads out to Onigashima, and the war that will affect the fate of the entire world has begun as Act 2 of the Wano Country Arc concludes.


So with Act 3 about to start, the Alliance is completely outnumbered by Kaido’s forces. They only have 4,000 active combatants.

The Alliance doesn’t stand a chance as is. But as we noticed there are still many samurais trapped in the flower capital and in all the different labor camps all across Wano. Based on what Kinemon said, I think it’s safe to say they will join the battle at some point, and thanks to Franky’s SUPERRR enthusiasm, there will be enough ships to carry all the remaining Samurai to the final battle.


Now the question is, how will they get free, and who will lead them. Well this works out very nicely because with all of Kaido’s top fighters in one place, there’s no one strong enough to stop a top tier Pirate from going around freeing everyone. It can’t be the Straw Hats because they have to head straight there. Could it be Law, sure. But I think there’s another Pirate in Wano who happened to have lost their crew and would take advantage of the chaos. And that Pirate is none other than Eustass Captain Kid.


Kid is here in Wano for a reason, was made Luffy’s rival back in the day for a reason, and isn’t with the Alliance for a reason. Kid has to play an important role in this Arc, and sadly the odds against the Straw Hat Alliance is just so great, that they’ll need to bolster up forces. Also Law hasn’t come back yet to the Alliance for a reason, even though he broke out a week ago. I think it’s safe to say that Law isn’t the traitor, but I think after interrogating Hawkins, he knows who is. And after all his experience with the Straw Hats since they’ve entered the New World, he knows they can’t follow a plan, so therefore he’s acting on his own. Law WILL work together and inform Kid what’s to come, and since he’s doing things solo, Orochi will never see it coming.

However let’s say that they free 5000 Wano samurai, they’re still outnumbered 30,000 to 10,000. Now some theories mentioned the Straw Hat Grand Fleet. And this is a very real possibility at this point. so now it’s 30,000 vs 15,000.

We’re still outnumbered right!? Well Oda made sure to write in a little Ace in the hole (No Pun intended). We have O-Tama on our side who can control gifters. With O-Tama on the Alliance’s side, she’s able to command an army of Smile Users, meaning Kaido’s forces will continue to be sapped of their numbers.

So let’s say we have 25,000 vs 20,000. But we don’t know how many troops Big Mom has. It’s been a week. There’s a good chance she could have summoned a fleet over with another 10,000, and now we’re still in a situation where it’s 35,000 vs 20,000. That’s still a lot, and who knows when or if the Marines arrive.

So here it comes, the great numbers equalizer, a situation that we should be familiar with even before we entered the New World, the Straw Hats are out numbered, how can they handle so many 1,000’s of extra fighters. And my answer to you is CONQUEROR’S HAKI. Between Luffy and Kid, the extra fodder can easily be knocked out.

Of course Kaido and Big Mom also have Conqueror’s Haki so there’s a good chance we’ll lose plenty of fighters on our end. But right now these numbers that we have WILL be constantly shifting. I for one CANNOT WAIT for Act 3 to begin!

*by commander_lux

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