The Inevitable Battle between Red Hair Pirates and Blackbeard Pirates!


We have been in Wanokuni for more than 3 years already, yes, 3 long years and the end is still not in sight.
We know that the events happening in Wano will end up shocking the world but what news will shock us and the Straw Hats?


I am here to bring you a possible future and events that might be revealed to us once Wano is finished.
Straw Hats will probably leave Wano as the mightiest pirate organization in all the seas, credited for taking down an Alliance of two Emperors.

Now, the issue is that it is not yet time for Straw Hats to be the undisputed stars of the show since the era will end up belonging to someone else.
The shift is supposed to go from Kaido the strongest and Linlin as greatest of the current era to Mihawk as strongest and Shanks as greatest.


The two central figures that are linked to Zoro and Luffy will take over the era coming after the ex-Rocks members that will fall down in Wanokuni.


We already have hints towards the wind blowing in that direction – Oda said that Shanks will be making a move and Mihawk is facing 10 warships.
Now, how will Shanks steal the show from the Straw Hats? Taking down Kaido & Big Mom Alliance isn’t easily overshadowed, close to impossible.
The credit for taking down both of them might not go to Luffy if Kid and Law take down Big Mom so the job gets easier for Shanks.

I think Red Hair Pirates will crush the Blackbeard Pirates in a flawless victory, without casualties and that way establish themselves as the crew they were hyped up to be – crew without weak targets. That is exactly what was hyped up during the reveal of Shanks’ bounty. You might think Oda wouldn’t do that to the Blackbeard Pirates? He would, he already did it once. There will be a lot of parallels involving Red Hair Pirates and Blackbeard Pirates in the future of One Piece, if my future sight is on spot.

Their history begins a long time ago when Shanks was an apprentice on Roger’s ship while Blackbeard was an apprentice on Whitebeard’s ship.
Shanks was always connected to Blackbeard since that is his ultimate purpose in the story. Blackbeard is also the one who gave Shanks his signature scar.

Shanks came specifically to meet Whitebeard in order to ask him to stay away from Blackbeard since he knew how cunning and strong he was firsthand. He knew Ace would be in trouble for going after Teach and he warned Whitebeard who ultimately didn’t listen to Shanks’ advice and everything went downhill from that point onward. 

Almost any time we see Shanks, he is concerned with what Blackbeard is doing.
The certain pirate about who he wants to talk and why he bothered to go all the way up to Mary Geoise is for sure none other than Marshall D. Teach.

You might wonder why would he go there and talk about Blackbeard? It is probably because Shanks knows that Blackbeard is creating a powerful crew and that he cannot take him out without big sacrifices and thus he is probably talking to Gorosei to convince them that sooner or later, Blackbeard will come after them too and they should lend him help to crush him before it is too late.

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