The last few Chapters demonstrate that Luffy is an Absolute Beast!


After Chapter 1013 everyone’s been disrespecting Luffy’s strength. People are saying that he is still Yonko Commander Level because Kaido “low-diffed” him.


Luffy’s performance against Kaido is extremely impressive, and no member of the Alliance can do nearly as well as Luffy did (let’s wait and see about Kid vs Big Mom).

Keep in mind that Kaido was in Hybrid form which is supposedly the strongest form a Zoan devil fruit user has for fighting. Furthermore Kaido was attacking with the intention of killing Luffy each time he attacked him, meaning he used all his strength in his attacks in the form he used.
Kaido has been using Conqueror’s Haki coating with his attacks which he said only the most powerful people in the verse could do implying it is the pinnacle of strength. Using it means he is fighting seriously.


In Chapter 1012, the narrator states that Zoro and Law left the roof “a few dozen minutes earlier”.


A few means 3-4. Luffy has been fighting Hybrid Kaido alone for 36-48 minutes. We don’t even know if Luffy used Gear 4 in the fight. Yes, Kaido had already received prior damage, but so has Luffy. He just took a direct hit from what was clearly Kaido’s strongest solo attack yet. Kaido even calls him “a walking dead man” and thought he wouldn’t be able to use Conqueror’s Haki in his state. I know that Kaido has taken more hits than Luffy has, but my point is that Luffy wasn’t at 100% either.

No Yonko Commander would last nearly as long as Luffy did (except maybe Benn Beckman), had they fought Kaido in his place. Marco was manhandled by Big Mom after clashing with her for a few seconds. Katakuri won’t be able to damage Kaido very much, having neither Advanced Armament nor Advanced Conqueror’s. His durability was already lower than Whole Cake Island Luffy’s. Katakuri would be only able to dodge several hits. King has been portrayed as weaker than Marco, as Marco was able to fight both him and Queen for some time. He is a Zoan, so he might tank a couple hits. However, I don’t see him damaging Kaido much either. Luffy may have taken an L last chapter, but he is still an absolute beast and you better believe he’s coming back.

*by Adventurous-Union-28

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