The New Straw Hat Pirates Bounties After Wano – Ranked


I don’t see Luffy getting more than three billion bounty – I feel like it’s safe to say that his final bounty will be along the lines of 5.6 billion (Oda loves puns, and it’s slightly more than Roger’s bounty), and there’s no way that beating Kaido, as impressive as that is, will increase his bounty more than finding One Piece and becoming the Pirate King would.


I’m guessing credit for beating Kaido is going to be split between him, Kid, and Law. Luffy will get the lion’s share of the credit, since he’s doing most of the work and Big News Morgans will likely claim that Kid and Law were working for Luffy, but I figure those two are probably going to get up to a billion in terms of their bounties.

My guesses are:

  • Luffy: 3 Billions
  • Eustass Kid: 1.2 Billion
  • Trafalgar Law: 1 Billion
  • Zoro: 900 Millions. Considering that it took over half of the series for Luffy to go from 300 million to over a billion, and the list of accomplishments that he needed to get there is quite long (everything from Enies Lobby to Whole Cake Island), I don’t see Zoro making a similar jump from leaving a scar on Kaido when no one saw him do it. If he recovers and beats King, he could get a significant bounty increase, but I doubt there’d be a huge gap between him and Sanji assuming that Sanji beats Queen.
  • Sanji: 899 Millions. Slightly less than Zoro’s – maybe Zoro and Sanji could get bounties in the billion range after beating King and Queen, but I have my doubts.
  • Jinbe: 750-800 Millions. Between betraying an Emperor and surviving, joining the Straw Hats, and being involved in an attack on another Emperor, I figure Jinbe’s bounty is going to go up by quite a bit, but not as much as Zoro’s or Sanji’s since he’s not fighting an All-Star.
  • Yamato: 700 Millions. This is just a guess, and it’s absurdly high for a first bounty, but depending on what Yamato does or how public that knowledge is, I could see him/her getting a high bounty for being the child of an Emperor, and betraying that Emperor to join the Straw Hats if that’s what winds up happening.

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